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Phantom Self & Renegade – 25% Off This Weekend

Phantom Self by David Icke

The questions are being asked like never before. What is happening in the World? What is ‘life’ really about? Gathering numbers of people have a sense of unease about the direction of human society without knowing why. Something is happening, but what?

David Icke has spent more than a quarter of a century uncovering the ‘what’- and the who, why and how. He was doing so long before there was any alternative media as we see today and he has constantly pushed forward the cutting edge of understanding about events and reality like no one else. Almost every day something he said was planned to happen in his books years ago is coming to pass.

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Renegade – The Life Story of David Icke – Full Movie DVD

“Whether you’re well acquainted with David’s work, or have only recently begun to research what he’s all about, or even if you know little to nothing about him but are curious, then this film is a must watch” (Jordan, Viewer on Amazon Prime Video)

“How times have changed. I still recall watching the infamous Wogan interview; but what a turnaround. There are so many things to like about this documentary of David Icke’s life–not just the theories, which have never been more relevant, but also the obvious affection, support, and protectiveness of his family and friends. Plus, he has a wicked sense of humor.” (Patrick, Viewer on Amazon Prime Video)

“Totally loved it, been eagerly waiting for David’s movie to come out, hopefully it will hit the mainstream. Highly Recommend a watch” (Richard, Itunes Viewer)

“I love the guy, time to spread to the masses” (Chew Lay, Viewer on Itunes)

The first authorized documentary exploring the life of famed author and speaker David Icke, the ‘mad man’ proved right again and again. 

DVD comes with 2 hours worth of extra material including full interview with David Icke and Alice Walker.

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