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How the elderly are being blackmailed into having the fake ‘Covid’ ‘vaccine’ that isn’t a ‘vaccine’

My grandmother lives in an EHPAD in the Côtes d’Armor, in Brittany. 92 years old, she has been a little confused for several years, and no longer recognizes those around her. So my mother and my aunt take care of her and make all my decisions about her health.
In December, the establishment sent a letter asking residents of the EHPAD whether or not they wanted to be vaccinated against COVID-19. When she was “lucid”, my grandmother always refused to be vaccinated (apart from the compulsory vaccinations). Thus, she always refused the vaccine against the so-called seasonal flu, preferring a preventive treatment based on homeopathy.
So we got together, and we wondered what her decision would have been regarding the COVID vaccine, if she had been able to take one. The answer was obvious: she would have refused!
In addition, a few weeks before, she had broken her neck of the femur following a bad fall, and had therefore been operated on under general anesthesia. Added to this the fact that she weighs 40kg less, and that in addition, we have to date no information on the effects of this vaccine, so we did not wish to subject her to this. We therefore informed the EHPAD of our decision.
Some time later, the management of the establishment contacted my mother again. She was asked to think carefully, because if my grandmother was not vaccinated, she would not be able to receive visitors, and would have to stay away from other residents. After consultation, we ended up giving in. A little against our will therefore, a little by blackmail, by pressure, my grandmother was vaccinated against COVID-19 …
It turns out that the sister-in-law of a colleague of mine was faced with the same situation. Some retirement homes would use this form of blackmail to encourage people to get vaccinated.We are therefore free to refuse, but the price to pay would be to cut our seniors off this last link with their family, their friends, in short, everything that still gives them the strength and the courage to hang on in these environments for the less dying than retirement homes …

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