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If America really wants unity, it must do away with critical race theory

On his first day in office, Joe Biden declared he’ll dismantle Donald Trump’s 1776 Commission, fully embracing critical race theory. This will ultimately lead to worse racial divides and now it’s up to the citizens to stop it.

One of the main pitches that the Joe Biden campaign made during the 2020 election was that he would reunite the country. The words “unity” and “healing” have been touted around more than a McDonald’s slogan. The premise is that Donald Trump as a divisive figure damaged the country to the point where it’s going to take Joe Biden of all people to fix it. However, Joe Biden has stated he plans to sign an executive order to end Donald Trump’s 1776 Commission. Trump had created that initiative to counter the New York Times’ 1619 Project and its use in education.

Back in July of last year, I wrote about senators pushing to keep federal funding away from the 1619 project. It was a wise move then, and it’s still a wise move to move away from the nonsense that exists within it. We should be teaching people actual history, not historical fiction that reads like anti-American propaganda. The origins of these theories have always been rooted in nonsense from people who despise the very country they live in – like Derrick Bell Jr., one of Barack Obama’s professors at Harvard and one of the people at the roots of critical race theory.

Make no mistake though. Critical race theory, whose major themes are the concepts of white privilege, internalized racism, intersectional theory, and institutional racism, is a system of thought that is divisive by its nature. There is no way to unite a country if this becomes prevalent thought. There’s not really an issue with it being published – nonsense is published all the time. The issue is the idea of the federal government teaching it uncritically as truth. Since Joe Biden is willing to be a doormat for such extreme thought, it is up to American citizens to stand up to this nonsense and fight back against it.

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