Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 21 January 2021

Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Adil: NHS Surgeon Fired for Revealing COVID-19 Is Not A Real Disease & Mere Cover for a Transhumanizing, Sterilizing GMO Vaccine

What makes a disease a disease?

What makes a pandemic a pandemic?

What makes a hoax a hoax?

Koch’s Postulates for Viruses apparently define what constitutes an infectious disease and COVID-19 fulfils none of them: the ability to observe, isolate, culture, re-infect, using the supposed virus or infectious agent causing the disease.

This presentation by Dr. Andrew Kaufman explains how the Koch’s postulates and other means of defining viruses are not really fulfilled in this case: SARS-COV-2 has not been isolated, can’t be cultured, has not been used to reproduce any illness, as many researchers admit (clicking will download the pdf):

Dr. Mohamed Iqbal Adil, NHS cancer surgeon, explains in this video (below) posted earlier last year how all hospital services have been shut down in the NHS, how the Infection Control people took over the hospital, and how the Bill Gates depopulation vaccine was introduced by Bill much earlier in 2015 at MIT, the Transhumanizing GMO-making it intends, and why people should stand up and fight right now for their children, their humanity, and the future of this planet. The vaccine is intended to sterilize, cyborgize, and DNA-mutate you, as covered here earlier and as is being reported widely online by concerned doctors and researchers in alternative and social media, including the US-UK-EU group featured in the #AskTheExperts video.

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