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7 Lessons I Learned from App Development Company in Dallas

When I started my career as a mobile app developer in the mobile app development industry, the competition was not as stiff as it is today. Having a dedicated mobile app for your business was considered a luxury, not a necessity back in the day. That is why only large scale enterprises are the only ones with a mobile app.

As time passed, mobile apps become more and more popular. Smartphones went mainstream and mobile apps changed everything. Fast forward to today, having a dedicated mobile app for business is no longer an option. I have seen the mobile app development industry evolve in front of my eyes.

In this article, I will share seven lessons I learned from an app development Dallas company.

Experimentation Leads to Innovation

There are two types of mobile app development companies and mobile app developers. One that sticks to the tried and tested formula and others who challenge the existing rules and experiment. Who do you think to innovate more? App developers and app development companies experiment with new ideas even if they collide with existing rules. They are not afraid to think out of the box and that is why they create innovative apps.

I am not saying that you should throw the app development process out of the window but if you want to create something that has never been created before, you cannot do that by following a path that is already been followed by many people. You can take inspiration from different sources and create something unique. To do this, you need to get rid of the fear of failure because the fear of failure is one of the biggest killers of innovation.

Never Chase Perfection

Another common mistake most mobile app development companies make is they chase perfection. The problem with creating a perfect mobile app is that it will take more time, resources and effort. When you chase perfection, the project cost will skyrocket and you are bound to miss the project deadline. This will eventually lead to project failure.

A better alternative would be to create a minimum viable product and then follow an iterative model to build on that. Bring continuous improvements to your mobile app in phases until you succeed in fulfilling all the client requirements. This also allows you to take feedback from the client and save you from costly and time-consuming rework. Don’t think you can attain perfection on your first attempt. Irrespective of how good you are at mobile app development, you will slowly get better with time by learning from your mistakes.

Testing Is aContinous Process

Another misconception most app developers have is that once the testing phase is over, testing is done. Unfortunately, the fact is that testing is a continuous process. There will always be errors and bugs that might have slipped through the cracks of your testing process and it can also make it to apps even when it reaches the app store. As a business, you don’t want your users to use a buggy mobile app.

That is why it is very important to integrate a feedback mechanism into your app so the app users can report these bugs. Once you get reports of bugs and errors, you need to make sure you fix all these errors and bugs in future releases to deliver a better app experience.

Put User First

As obvious as it might seem, very few app developers really prioritize app users when they are creating mobile apps. I have learned this lesson the hard way and since then have told every app developer to follow this rule. Once you put user above everything else, your entire approach to mobile app development changes. You start to see mobile app development from a whole new perspective. You start thinking about how users will interact with certain elements in your mobile app when developing it. This is how you can deliver a wonderful mobile app experience that forces users to come back for more.

One Size Fits All Formula Does Not Apply Here

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui learned this lesson during software development in Dallas. If you implement one size fit all formula, your mobile apps are bound to fail. Every user is different and has diverse needs. As a mobile app developer, you need to keep this in mind. Yes, you cannot create a separate app for every user but you can at least personalize their user experience. 

Analyze user behavior data to identify patterns or ask users for their feedback and incorporate their feedback in the future releases of your app. Once you do that, you can deliver a more personalized user experience with your mobile app and that is exactly what your mobile app users want from you.

Make Cross-Platform Development Your Friend

In an era where there are hundreds of different devices, dozens of different platforms, developing a mobile app for one platform is out of the question. Today, you need to make sure that your mobile app is available on as many platforms as possible or at least make it available on the most popular mobile platforms. Master the art of cross-platform mobile app development as it will become a norm in the future. 

Use The Right Tools

Just like in every other industry, using the wrong tool can create a mess which could increase the risk of failure. The same holds true for mobile app development as well. Even though most app developers use frameworks and libraries but what they get wrong is they choose the wrong tools for the project. If you want to succeed, you need project-specific tools. It can not only streamline and automate the workflow but also lead to more refined final output. It gives you better control over the app development process.

Which is the most important mobile app development lesson you have ever learned? Let us know in the comments section below.

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