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Taking an unproven fake vaccine that’s not even a vaccine is worth the risk despite the ‘side-effects’ (including death), says ridiculous head of China’s CDC. This has got to be calculated because the idiocy necessary to actually believe this crap is beyond the imagination

Vaccines against Covid-19 available today may be insufficiently tested and cause side effects, but the nature of the virus is such that taking a jab is still better than refusing the jab, according to a top Chinese epidemiologist.

Professor Gao Fu, Director General of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, famously participated in the clinical trial of one of the China-developed vaccines against Covid-19. In an interview with RT’s Going Underground program, he said he considered this to be the right call, and encouraged everybody to immunize against the disease.

“We have so many technological lines we developed for vaccines. I believe all those lines are good enough to take that risk,” he explained.

If I don’t take this, how can you persuade the public to believe there is a chance to get the virus down?

Normally it takes many years to confirm a vaccine’s efficacy and safety but, with Covid-19, the approval process for all formulae was significantly shortened. Some people are reluctant to take the shot, fearing possible adverse effects.

Professor Gao had earlier expressed concerns over the use of the mRNA delivery mechanism – a way that a vaccine introduces viral genes into a body and trains the immune system to fight it –used is some jabs, like the one developed by Pfizer/BioNTech. Those words should not be mistaken for disapproval of such products, only as a statement of fact that the mRNA technology is relatively less tested than more traditional forms, he told RT.

In the end, every vaccine poses a risk of side effects, and the nature of SARS-CoV-2 virus is such that the benefits of any vaccine available now for humanity in general outweigh the risk, in his opinion.

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