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Gutless Trump refuses to pardon Assange and Snowden, stand up for freedom of speech and free those who truly exposed the swamp – instead he pardons real criminals, an ultra-Zionist Israeli spy and his ultra-Zionist son-in-law’s ultra-Zionist crooked father. Drain the swamp??

US president has pardoned 70 people and commuted the sentences of a further 73 people

The people US president Donald Trump has granted clemency to range from rappers to financiers and lobbyists. Notable names on the list include:

Steve Bannon

Bannon, 67, was a key adviser in Trump’s 2016 presidential run. He was charged last year with swindling Trump supporters over an effort to raise private funds to build the president’s wall on the US-Mexico border. He has pleaded not guilty.

White House officials had advised Trump against pardoning Bannon, who left the Trump administration in late 2017. The two men have lately rekindled their relationship as Trump sought support for his unproven claims of voter fraud, an official familiar with the situation said.

Elliott Broidy

Broidy, a major Republican party fundraiser, pleaded guilty in October to acting as an unregistered foreign agent, admitting to accepting money to secretly lobby the Trump administration for Chinese and Malaysian interests. He has been pardoned. Broidy held finance posts in Trump’s 2016 campaign and on his inaugural committee.

Prosecutors alleged Broidy received millions of dollars in payments from an unnamed foreign national to try to arrange the end of a U.S. investigation into billions of dollars embezzled from 1MDB, a Malaysian government investment fund.

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