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Work Space App – Extensible Document Sharing

Citrix Workspace App is basically the customer part of XenDesktop and XenApp, created by Citrix Systems Inc. it was launched in 2021. This is a productivity application that helps the users to perform their jobs faster and efficiently. The basic idea behind this software is to provide the tools that are required to do tasks simultaneously in one desktop. The tool offers various useful applications to the user such as PDF reader, word processor, image viewer, calculator and so on. This is available in many versions starting from zero to Spiceworks.

The second version of Workspace App is Citrix Workspace Designer which is also free of cost. It allows the web developers to create beautiful designs for desktops, websites and portals. You can easily customize your desktop using these designer based apps. This has gained popularity among the corporate users who are having modern workstations. The users are given the facility to choose the different widgets that would fit their needs.

Citrix Workspace App has been extended with various useful features such as: Client side application management, SQL server database management, desktop automation, desktop management, document manager, task manager, image viewer, gallery, notes, calendar and many more. With these extensions to the functionality of Workspace App increases. These virtual apps are provided directly from the Citrix Studio or can be downloaded from the website. To use these virtual apps you need to install the drivers for every supported device and make sure that you have the latest operating systems installed on your desktop or laptop. If not you can use drivers from the website and get the support that is required for the application.

The third version of Workspace App provides a lot of features that would help you in increasing your efficiency. There is a module called Smart Manager, which allows the users to set up their desktops remotely through the internet. You would not need any downloads and installation of any third party software on your android devices. Just one click on your desktop and you would be ready to go. There is a help option available which gives you instructions about how to set up your workspace app and install all the extensions.

The fourth version of Workspace App provides the user interface which is based on the snap mode. This provides the users with a better experience. It is free from any third party applications. The workspace app provides a widget which can be fixed on any corner of the desktop or any screen. It acts as a clock, calculator and contacts manager. These are powered by the Android native tools so there is no need to write any third party code.

The fifth and latest version of Workspace App gives access to a number of web apps that would help in saving a large amount of time. There is a navigation bar along with a panel where you can view and open the different virtual apps. You can also view the contents of the files, folders and web resources. All these features make Workspace App very easy to use and enable you to manage your mobile apps much more effectively.

You can switch between two modes i.e. from personal mode to business mode or from the folder view to grid view with a simple touch of the screen. There is an option to turn off the notifications and to turn down the display of the icons. The personal mode allows you to see only the files and the apps that are currently in use and the grid view allows you to see the files and applications that are in use simultaneously.

Business users can get access to content collaboration tools and business apps which provide access to group discussion boards and document sharing. With Workspace App users need not spend time in understanding and configuring additional VPN connectivity for remote access. This application works well with on-premises intranets and WAN routers. It provides a good backup solution for cloud-based business with its enterprise-class security features and permission-based access to group content.

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