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Know When You Can Sue a Nursing Home for Elder Abuse

Nursing home abuse or delinquency are more common occurrences than you can realize. According to surveys,  a million U.S. citizens over 65 suffer some kind of abuse at the hands of a caregiver. The research found that about 10% face physical abuse and less than 5 percent experienced financial exploitation in authorities’ hands.

Old age is a tender phase, and people must be cared for and kept in a comfortable environment, and treated with compassion. Unfortunately, statistics reveal a different scenario. If you are a victim or you know someone who faced or is facing abuse at the hands of a professional caregiver, you must report it. You may also contact a nursing home abuse lawyer and take considerable action against the nursing home for neglect or abuse.

There are many reasons a person may feel victimized in a care home. Here are listed the common ones.

Unhygienic conditions

Hygiene is an essential factor that must be maintained, and this demands proper cleanliness by the caregivers and the home staff. When they fail to do their duty and supervision, it becomes hazardous and often leads to poor health conditions and makes them susceptible to various illnesses.

Negligence during hiring

Nursing homes must hire staff, employees, and caregivers based on their skills and, after checking their records, to ensure that no criminal or abusive person is hired.  But with poor hiring and minimum to zero background checks may allow the wrong people to become a part of an organization, which can cause harm. 

Financial exploitation

In many instances, care centers and their employees have been found to take financial advantage of the older adults by getting their signatures forged, cash checks without permission, force residents to sign a document, or steal their money or possession. Often the residents don’t realize that they are abused, and the crime can go longer unnoticed, and the offenders remain unpunished for years.

Low-quality medical treatment

Care homes must maintain standard protocol and meet medical standards to face any potential situation, though that may involve contacting a physician and providing appropriate care at the center.

Less monitoring

Lack of supervision due to unskilled caretakers or understaffing will lead to less care and monitoring. Older people need proper upkeep and lack of which may cause potential injuries within the facility. Nursing homes with good stuff and better supervision result in satisfactory health care service and results.

Often it is difficult to prove liability if the proofs are incomplete or unclear.  If you want to file a case against a nursing home, you must consider hiring an attorney experienced with nursing home abuse law.  

Hire a lawyer without any delay

It can be a sad scenario when you learn that your loved one you kept at a nursing home faces abuse at the hands of people you trusted with service and care. Don’t be disheartened; you can bring them back or put them in a better care facility. You can also file a case against the authorities and the irresponsible employees of the care facility and get them punished and receive your compensation. This will help you recover your damages and make them cautious about creating a better living condition that will help others living there.

If you are looking to learn more about the law and your scopes and claims, you must now consult a good nursing home abuse lawyer. He or she can represent you and carry out all the legal documentation and represent you. They will also investigate on your behalf and gather all the records and evidence required to make your case strong.

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