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Anyone without a fake ‘vaccine’ that isn’t a ‘vaccine’ could be BANNED from pubs, restaurants and even workplaces under radical new fascist plan that has been the goal from day one. How long are you going to take this shit from moronic people doing the bidding of psychopaths?? You take it – they’ll go on giving it

Those who refuse to be immunised against COVID-19 could be banned from pubs, restaurants or their workplaces under a radical plan proposed by Gladys Berejiklian.

The New South Wales Premier has revealed she is considering implementing regulations that would prohibited residents who have not vaccinated from entering certain venues. 

She said the measures would be aimed at ‘incentivising’ uptake of the vaccine, which is vital to rebooting the economy, and businesses may require patrons to prove they had received the jab.  

‘Clearly, opportunities to travel overseas or opportunities to enter certain workplaces or venues might be enhanced if you have the vaccine,’ Ms Berejiklian told the Daily Telegraph.  

‘Some of those decisions could be inspired by government, [and] some of those decisions might be inspired by the organisation themselves.’

The government has supply agreements in place for the, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Novavax vaccines and will start rolling out the Pfizer jab next month.

While vaccine rollout and policies are the domain of the federal government, Ms Berejiklian said she will be encouraging residents across the state to be immunised.  

The government will meet in coming weeks for further discussions on how to roll out the vaccine. 

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