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Neocon Traitors Staged Election Upset – Claim

Circumstances surrounding allegations of Italy’s involvement in switching votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election reveal that Trump was betrayed by allies closest to him and that we are in trouble as a nation. The traitors who allegedly rigged the election were globalists and warmongers frustrated with President Trump’s refusal to accommodate neoconservative plans for regime change in Iran.

Barack Obama started the ball rolling in 2015 with the Joint Comprehensive Plan for Action, in which a slush fund was set aside for Iran as compensation for international sanctions it had endured over its nuclear development program. Iran promised that the program would have peaceful applications and agreed to release American prisoners in exchange for the money.

The following year, Obama met with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to discuss the challenges they respectively faced with regards to the public’s rejection of globalism. During this meeting, plans were set in motion to derail the prospective Trump Administration, with $400 million set aside from the $1.7 billion designated for Iran to be used to flip votes from Trump to Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

The plan was to prevent Trump from serving a second term, with $400 million routed through the Vatican for this purpose. According to Nations in Action, a government oversight group, the plan was executed by Stefano Serafini, a foreign service officer of 20 years; and Claudio Graziano, the Chair of the European Union Military Committee and member of the Board of Leonardo SpA, an Italian multinational specializing in aerospace, defense, and security. In witness testimony, Arturo D’Elia, the former head of the IT Department at Leonardo SpA, confirmed that votes were flipped from Trump to Biden in key states.

In some cases, he said, data was altered to represent more than the total number of voters registered. D’Elia said that he received his instructions from American employees working at the U.S. Embassy in Rome and that he can to reveal the names of all the individuals and entities involved. He also holds in his possession a backup drive containing the original data and data switched; Italian intelligence officers reportedly have intercepts, phone calls, and pictures of the CIA agents involved.

According to testimony from Italy, Leonardo SpA’s computer systems and military satellites switched the votes through Dominion servers. The data was then allegedly transferred from Pescara to Frankfurt, Germany, via satellite, accounting for a dramatic CIA raid and firefight in Frankfurt to destroy the evidence of election fraud. As a defense contractor, Leonardo partners with Israeli firms, like Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Listed as Rafael’s lobbyist on record is a former Chief of Staff to Senator Joe Lieberman, a leading neoconservative hawk.

The CEO of Leonardo is William Lynn III, Undersecretary of Defense for the Clinton Administration and lobbyist for Raytheon. Once the story of election tampering broke in the United States, social media platforms immediately purged patriot accounts to block circulation of the story. Remarkably, Twitter even suspended Donald Trump’s own account, preventing the President from sharing information that would derail Biden’s attempt to steal the election, expose alleged treason, and implicate high profile individuals.

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