Posted by Stephanie White Posted on 13 January 2021

How to un-harm the Corona vaccination shot?

We all know that Corona is a hoax. After Christmas many countries in Europe have started to vaccinate their population. The genocide has started…

There are circumstances that even awakened humans have to get the shot. Some countries might to decide on a compulsory vaccination, so that “soul” has no choice. You might have to get the shot because you belong to a certain professional occupation (e.g. nurses, teacher, etc.). Also, possible future scenarios are that you might not be able to enter a foreign country without the shot or you are not allowed to fly anymore. The Australian Airline Quantas has already announced such future procedures. 

Are you among the individuals who will be forced against their will? Don’t worry, you can keep the damage on your body, mind and soul at bay. 

Matter does not exist. What does not exist, cannot harm you, unless you allow it. 

Everything out there is an illusion, right? So what is a vaccine? Yes, an illusion. Nothing but a damage program. So re-program it in your mind as a nurturing love cocktail. 

Consciousness is the most important key. You must be totally convinced that as eternal & infinite consciousness you are invulnerable and untouchable. You are always healthy, fit and happy and any other condition should be denied. Watch the “offers” of the ones around you: “What if you fall sick….what if you needed care…what if…! If you hear such Matrix “offers” around you, kindly deny them and answer, that you are always healthy and fit and nothing could possibly challenge this, in particular no vaccination. 

Prepare as follows. Chose a doctor that you know. The night before relax, connect to your heart and soul and close your eyes (remember, time and space does not exist). Imagine the vaccination shots in the freezer at the doctor’s office. In your heart circle them into the right direction. Circle them faster and faster. The perspective should be from the top middle. 

Imagine that the colour of the shots turn into the most perfect gold. 

As a next step flood the shots with love and gratitude. Take them into your heart and love them. 

Have the intention to adapt the frequency of the shot to the frequency your body best can handle. 

Once you see the shot before getting vaccinated, try to touch it and to hold it next to your heart. Repeat the procedures as long as possible. LOVE IT!

Once you received the shot, speak the following intention as much as possible in a state of love and gratitude/soul connection:

In the power of our sovereignty, we herewith declare all approvals null and void that we have given by administrating the vaccination to our physical body. We withdraw the energy of the contents and declare them null and void along with all courses and consequences in all dimensions and timelines. We transform all damages and consequences in all our bodies into love and gratitude and restore our healthy astral body. We completely regenerate and harmonize our entire being and expel all toxins and genetically harmful elements. Now!

After speaking the intention, remain in a state of love and gratitude for 5 minutes each and close your eyes. The higher your frequency, the more you are attuned with the frequency of your soul, the more effect you will have. 

It is always wise to prevent any vaccination. If you do research or better let your soul guide you, you will almost always find back doors. For instance, there is the chance to get a certificate by your doctor that you are not allowed under any circumstances to be vaccinated due to a medical contraindication. You can usually get such a certificate in a legal way, when you have already vaccination damages or your parents suffered vaccination damages. A genetic test can be very helpful. For instance, when certain genes are missing, vaccines can be highly dangerous and that is proven by conventional medicine. 

Whatever the plans of the darkness are, they always need the approval of the souls (around 20% of the overall population). The law number one on this planet is that nothing can be done against the will of the souls. They always proceed in the same way – lies and tricks. They announce their plans in a more harmless way in the media. That is an offer. If you do not clearly deny, it is an approval. In the case of Corona vaccinations they first say that there will be a vaccination available but it will not be mandatory. Then discussions start that there might be mandatory vaccinations in certain population groups or they force humans into vaccination by giving them no choice. Suddenly you can only travel when you are vaccinated. You can only enter restaurants, bars and shops when you have your vaccination ID. Maybe a vaccination will be required for you to keep your job. Again these are “offers” and you need to deny them. If you just read it and accept it they have your approval. They will continue into achieving their goals and we are all know what this means. 

Please relax, connect to your heart (power centre) and close your eyes. Speak loudly:

In the power of our sovereign soul we deny all the dark plans of the cabal/darkness. Now!

In the power of our sovereign soul we deny all the Corona hoax, lockdowns, masks regulations and the vaccines. Now!

In the power of our sovereign soul we deny any form of mandatory vaccination. Now!

In the power of our sovereign soul we deny any limitations and restrictions for the non-vaccinated (travel, restaurants, shops, jobs, etc.). Now!

In the power of our sovereign soul we deny everything that is not to the highest good of our souls. Now!

In the power of our sovereign soul we only allow love, gratitude and truth on this planet. Now!

In the power of our sovereign soul we declare all earlier approvals null and void in all dimensions and timelines. Now!

Love Stephanie White,

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