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Covid and Nursing Home Deaths — the Case for Intentional Genocide

A discussion of the genocidal potential for the Covid pandemic would not be complete without a hard look at its impact on the elderly. While Covid is reported to be far more dangerous for the aged, its impact on nursing home patients and the decisions leading up to the placement of Covid patients in these homes must be thoroughly dissected.

According to recent reports, somewhere between 30-50% of Covid deaths took place in nursing homes.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s much discussed decision to place Covid patients into these facilities was preceded by statements from him acknowledging the peril posed by Covid spread in these homes. In an interview he conducted on March 10 with Jake Tapper, Cuomo stated, “that’s my nightmare and that’s where you’re going to see the pain and the damage from this virus. Senior citizen homes, nursing homes, congregant senior facilities. That is my nightmare. We’ve taken steps, some drastic steps in this area, in New Rochelle, we’re talking about. We said no visitors in a nursing home.”

Cuomo went on to say, “All you need is 9-year-old Johnny to visit his grandmother in a nursing home, give her a kiss, and you can be off to the races. That’s my fear. That population in those congregate facilities. That is really what we have to watch.”

However, on March 25, a scant two weeks later, Cuomo signed his infamous order directing nursing homes to accept “stable” Covid patients without testing them.

Let that sink in for a moment. Covid patients who were known to have had the virus but not tested to see if they still had the virus were put into homes known to be a Petri dish for contagion.

As a result, Covid spread through these populations just as Cuomo had predicted, “like fire through dry grass.” As of December 28, 2020, “A USA TODAY Network New York calculation of the confirmed and presumed deaths among New York nursing home residents according to the state COVID tracker found that the total….was more than 7,600…”

This statistic is misleading, however, as it does not include the numbers of nursing home patients who were transferred to and died in hospital. Those numbers are unpublished.

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