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Tracking your vitals while at home during the ‘pandemic’

The ongoing pandemic has divided the century into two eras:

  • BC now stands for ‘before COVID’
  • And AC for ‘after COVID’

Overall effect on life

Life has taken a totally different turn. The pandemic has affected each and every walk of life. The global village would never be the same now. The term ‘social distancing’ is the most frequently heard notion. All the efforts are now focused on keeping a distance in order to hinder the possible spread of virus.

Effect on health

During this pandemic, attitude towards health has totally changed in terms of physical activity, eating habits as well as health-system.

Changes in the lifestyle

Firstly, people are bound to stay indoors. There are no more outdoor sports, family picnics, real-time shopping or other activities. Even the routine activities like going to work are affected. Most of the people are working from home. So, in their spare time, all they do is to stay in and get glued to the gadgets. This practice has made them sessile and, hence, more prone to acquire certain diseases.

Secondly, there are fewer other options to get entertained. Therefore, eating has become more of a hobby now. The trend of ordering and consuming comfort foods is constantly rising. So, what all people do is to order their favorite food online and eliminate their anxiety. The edibles people mostly order are pizzas, ice cream, burgers and other fast-food items. Although these comfort foods relieve anxiety, but they cause increased weight.

Thirdly, the health system has changed worldwide. Online appointments have become a very common trend. This is done to minimize the interaction with the healthcare system. Consequently, preventing infection spread. People are actually afraid of going hospitals. This, on one hand is good to control infection. On the other hand, the patients with chronic diseases are afraid to face problems regarding monitoring their well-being.

Adverse effect of the changes in lifestyle

All these changes in lifestyle have reduced our physical activities and many of us have caught certain diseases other than COVID-19. There are certain patients who especially need continuous monitoring of their vital signs. There are four vital signs

  1. Pulse rate
  2. Blood pressure
  3. Respiratory rate
  4. Body temperature

Moreover, there are some other body parameters need to be monitored under specific conditions:

  1. Blood sugar levels in diabetics
  2. Oxygen saturation in blood
  3. Heart rhythm through Electrocardiography (ECG) cardiac patients
  4. Fetal heart rate in pregnant patients

The need of the hour is to maintain a healthy life-style while staying at home. Moreover, it is necessary to take record of vitals and other health parameters. This is where the latest technology kicks in and helps in serving the purpose.

Now, you do not need to move out of your comfort zone to get your health assessed, as companies like Wellue, etc. have stepped forward. There are many devices as well as applications for monitoring health. The advantages are:

  • Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy to use
  • Can be synchronized with PC, Tablet and other devices
  • Data can be easily shared and stored

We cannot thank the technology enough for providing us with numerous gadgets like Checkme Pro Vital Signs Monitor and many others. You do not need to visit the hospital. No help from doctor or paramedics is needed and you can keep track of your vitals. Moreover, you can share the data with your healthcare staff and get advice regarding the adjustment of medication.

The final wording

We must be vigilant to take care of our health under all kinds of circumstances, using all what the latest technology has blessed us with.  

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