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Three dead in Iceland after being vaccinated from small number having the jab so far – ‘Oh, but they were old people sick with underlying conditions’ say officials. (So why are you giving them the bloody vaccine then to push them over the edge??)

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Three people who have been vaccinated against the crown virus in this country have now died. This is confirmed by Rúna Hauksdóttir Hvannberg, director of the Icelandic Medicines Agency, in a conversation with She emphasizes that there is no evidence that there is a causal link between deaths and vaccinations. These are chronically ill and elderly people. None of the 1,000 healthcare professionals who have been vaccinated have had serious side effects.

“We have to realize that in the first vaccination, the sickest and oldest people are being vaccinated. These are very old individuals with underlying diseases, “says Rúna. 

“We have vaccinated about a thousand healthcare workers and none of them have reported any serious side effects from the vaccination, only injection site soreness or something like that.”

Rúna also says that although there is no prospect of the aforementioned causal relationship, the cases will nevertheless be investigated as possible side effects of the vaccine.

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