Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 6 January 2021

David Icke Isle of Wight website response to council leader Dave Stewart claiming that staying at home is the only way to be ‘safe’ (how the hell would he know?) and comments by residents supporting lockdown

Does anyone have the self-respect and freedom of mind to think for themselves, research for themselves and question if the authorities, whether Jackboot Johnson or script-reading ‘Dave’, are telling them the truth about the ‘virus’ while human society is being destroyed on the say-so of a handful?

With honourable exceptions it seems not.

Read about the traits of Stockholm syndrome and you’ll see what you are suffering from …

Cue childish abuse, I know, and I care not a jot, but until you face the truth that you’ve been scammed on a monumental scale the end of humanity as we have known it will continue to speed apace while you cheer on your own destruction and demand it happen quicker.

It is not those who have given their minds away to dark suits in government that are the problem, of course not, how could they be wrong? It is those with a mind of their own that are the problem. They have blood on their hands, right?

WRONG. You have.

The lockdowns you support have already killed staggering numbers of people through lack of treatment and diagnosis etc., etc, for countless other conditions and from the extremes of despair at lives destroyed.

But, hey, no, the government that has provably lied to you since the start of 2020 over the ‘pandemic’ wouldn’t lie to you now surely?

Where do the ‘cases’ come from? A test not testing for the ‘virus’ as its creator has said and the more you ‘test’ the more fake ‘cases’ you are going to get. That’s the reason the ‘cases’ are rising, not some phantom ‘new strain’ that miraculously appeared just as they try to get everyone vaccinated with an untested vaccine that even the makers don’t claim will stop alleged ‘transmission’.

Where do the ‘deaths’ come from? Anyone who tests positive with a test not testing for the virus and dies within 28 days of ANYTHING has ‘Covid-19’ on their death certificate.

Why has flu with the same symptoms disappeared in 2020/21? Redesignated ‘Covid-19’.

Why have figures issued this week by the Centers for Disease Control in America revealed that deaths from all causes are basically the same in 2020 as 2019?

Where is the deadly ‘virus’ then?

Wake up for goodness sake.

Staying at home is only way to keep Isle of Wight safe, says council leader

Read Dave Stewart:  Staying at home is only way to keep Isle of Wight safe, says council leader

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