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What counts as essential retail NOW? Garden centres can stay open but hundreds of thousands of shops that had managed to stay open will close for at least six weeks – it’s all for your systematic destruction people as I’ve said from the start

Hundreds of thousands of non-essential retailers will have to keep their doors closed under England’s third nation-wide lockdown – but a row is emerging this morning over the government’s classification of what businesses count as essential. 

The government’s decision to let garden centres remain open while other retailers close has angered some bosses and shop workers. 

Hotels must also close during this lockdown and guests must leave unless they are permanently resident at the premises or are unable to return home. Boris Johnson last night told Britons that they would only be allowed to leave the house for permitted reasons – including ‘to shop for essentials’.

And the government last night  released guidance explaining which businesses are ‘essential’ after many stores controversially remained open during the November Tier 3 lockdown. 

Essential retail includes food shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, garden centres, building merchants and suppliers of building products and off-licences, the Government’s official website states.

The less-obvious retailers allowed to trade in person include dry cleaners, outdoor botanical gardens and cattle or farm equipment auctions – while every other kind of auction must shut. 

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