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Amazing that when Murdoch-owned TalkRadio is deleted by YouTube it’s ‘an assault on freedom of the press’ (which it is) but when people like me are banned from all and sundry (including YouTube AND TalkRadio and banned from Australia as demanded by Murdoch newspapers) it’s not only okay with the mainstream media but they actively support it. Hypocrisy has no meaning. I told you they were coming for you decades ago mainstream media and you’ve seen nothing yet – Turkey’s demanding Christmas … gobble, gobble … and the meme was first posted long ago

Google today shut down TalkRadio’s YouTube channel amid claims the broadcaster ‘violated’ the website’s ‘community guidelines’ by airing criticism of coronavirus lockdowns. 

News UK, which owns the radio station, is now urgently seeking a full explanation from the tech giant about the ‘nature of the breach’ that led to the account being removed from its platform. 

In what appears to be an extraordinary clampdown, Google terminated the station’s YouTube channel at around 1am, reportedly for violating its ‘community guidelines’, according to Guido Fawkes.

Google has not explained why it deleted the TalkRadio account and had not responded to requests for comment at the time of publication. 

The move has sparked a freedom of speech backlash led by senior minister Michael Gove and actor Laurence Fox, while civil liberties groups compared Google’s action to Chinese censorship. 

TalkRadio presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer today denied that the broadcaster had flouted YouTube’s community guidelines, tweeting: ‘We simply challenge the evidence that lockdowns are a proportionate response to the Covid virus. It’s called free speech.’

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