Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 4 January 2021

This is no rare case – how you enter hospital with one condition and it miraculously morphs into ‘Covid-19’

Hi Gareth,
I gave a load of your Dad’s interviews to a Sikh mate of mine, I also included the 3 Pandemic movies.
Two days ago I went into his shop and he was FURIOUS!
He Loved the videos – his problem was with the NHS.
His Mum (65 years old) went to hospital for a CT scan as she had had some brain bleeds, not strokes but still a serious condition.
He was told she needed an MRI as the CT scan was unrevealing.  So she stayed overnight in the hospital.
He went to see her the next day and she was gone from her ward?
He was told she had been given this shite RT-PCR test (which he knows all about now) when she was admitted.
Seems they do this to everyone now.
He was told the results were not back in 24 hours so she had been moved into the Covid-19 ward for the safety of staff and other patients as she might show positive!!!!!!!!!!
He went ballistic and eventually physically removed her from the hospital for her safety and is considering suing these bastards.
Of course in the covid-19 ward there are some very sick people, Flu, pneumonia, various bugs and illnesses which are all called covid-19 of course.
I have told him to obtain specifics here, who authorized this transfer for a woman with NONE of the stated symptoms for the bloody virus, and find out if it is a policy.
Who’s policy, a person, a committee whatever, but get a name or names of those involved.
So it would seem there is a policy to get shot of old people where possible.
This lady was not even told she was being tested for anything  other than what she was there for.


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