Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 30 December 2020

A new ‘healthcare ‘ tax for over-40s which rises as they get older? Plans to shake up social care pushed by two moronic former health secretaries just as useless as Matt Hancock

Ludicrous Jeremy Hunt Pushes For An Ever Increasing Over 40s NHS Tax Despite Hospitals Cancelling Treatments

The Government is being urged to launch a long-term plan to fund social care, and to integrate the system more closely with the NHS.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a ‘now or never’ opportunity to use public support shown during the pandemic to set out why a new tax may be necessary, according to former Tory health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

He floats the idea of following the lead of Japan and Germany in introducing a small surcharge for over-40s, which rises as you grow older.  

Meanwhile, Andy Burnham, a Labour predecessor as health secretary who is now Mayor of Greater Manchester, suggests placing social care within the NHS.

Burham says the coronavirus has revealed how ‘broken’ the social care system is, and  that it would be ‘immoral’ not to reform it.

But he warns it would be a ‘waste of money’ to introduce a new tax or levy to fund the system without fundamental changes to the way care is delivered.

The Government has delayed announcing social care reform plans promised in the Conservative election manifesto in late 2019.

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