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5 Best Global Cities For Using Bitcoin In 2021


Developed as one of the industry’s technological revolutions, Cryptocurrencies continue to grow even in the rough times of pandemic. Slowly but surely, cryptocurrencies are moving towards the mainstream stream currencies. The adoption of Cryptocurrency is growing in the most unexpected places.

When the Crypto industry forest coined, nobody thought this industry would produce the most millionaires over the next decade. Yes, you heard us correctly. Over the last decade, Cryptocurrency has produced more millionaires compared to other industries in the world.

The first step towards Cryptocurrency is very hard, but you will sail smoothly into the Crypto trade market once you get to know more about computing knowledge. It is thanks to platforms like bigmoneyrush; people feel more confident while trading in Cryptocurrencies.

This article will explore the world to see which global cities have adopted Cryptocurrency in their daily lifestyle.

Best Global Cities For Using Bitcoin

We have gone through extensive research and found that the cities we least expected are the cities with large scale regulation and adoption of Cryptocurrencies.

Here we present you the best global cities to adopt Bitcoin in their financial ecosystem.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known to be one of the progressive cities in the world. So, it shouldn’t surprise you to see this name on the top of the list. Amsterdam city is littered between water canal routes where more than 100 merchants do their business in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins.

If we are more precise, then Boulevard in Amsterdam is one of the Bitcoin-based business hotspots. Here almost every restaurant has an option to pay bills in Cryptocurrencies. Not only that, you can even enjoy historic buildings at the cost of Bitcoin.

Amsterdam is also home to a Bitcoin embassy, which spread awareness about Cryptocurrency.

2. Singapore

Surprise, even we were not expecting Singapore to be on the list. In terms of the fastest-growing nation, Singapore ranks first in GDP rates. In fact, if you see the GDP rate, it stands at fourth after Qatar, Macao, and Luxembourg.

With an increasing economy, we shouldn’t be surprised to see people adopt new financial transactions. You can even consider other external reasons for the flourished Crypto economy in Singapore.

3. Zug, Switzerland

Zug is by far the smallest city to have adopted Cryptocurrency. With barely making a 30,000 citizen count, the Swiss settlement of Zug is one of the largest communities in the Crypto industry. 

This city is located just 30 KM away from Jurich. It is a low taxed area that has attracted several large-scale fintech industries over the last couple of years.

Zug city has always favored the acceptance of Cryptocurrency. In fact, it is well known as Crypto valley among industrialists. This city does its business with Cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Libra, Bitmain, and Dfinity.

4. San Francisco, USA

The USA might not be the global leader in the Crypto marketing industry, but it is certainly one of the biggest communities. San Francisco is the center point in regulating Cryptocurrency in the USA. Arguably the best Crypto trading platform, Coinbase is also from San Francisco. This city caters to more than 50 Bitcoin ATMs and nearly more than 200 retailers doing their Cryptocurrencies business.

5. Buenos Aires, Argentina

It is the last city on the list. The Crypto financial system more or less controls this city. This happens due to the increasing inflation rate of Argentina’s fiat currency, the Peso. The Cryptocurrency shift of the nation influenced the people of Airesto to adopt Cryptocurrency.

This swift adoption made it possible for more than 120 traders and retailers to do their business today. Buenos has become a success story for the world to take an example from. New industries are finding it easy to open new startups in Buenos Aires.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, best global cities for using Bitcoin. We have enlisted only the top cities. We hope that this list might have given you an idea of how disruptive the Crypto market is and how it has affected some of the world’s major cities.

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