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Former CDC Chief Calls For ‘Immunity Passports’ To Prove ‘Covid’ Vaccination Before Travel – of course he does the CDC is a Cult front and travel ‘passports’ is the Cult agenda. Simple really

As the COVID-19 vaccines roll out nationwide, “immunity passports” must be implemented to track who has been vaccinated and is therefore allowed to travel, according to the former head of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

In a Washington Post op-ed entitled, “How to reopen the economy safely? Immunity passports“, former CDC Director Tom Frieden and public health lawyer Aaron Schwid claimed Sunday that immunity passports for vaccinated citizens are the only way to safely lift the stifling COVID lockdowns.

“These passports would serve as a form of proof of immunity, allowing people who have immunity to engage in some activities others cannot,” Frieden and Schwid wrote. “That could make it possible to ratchet down protective measures, such as stay-at-home orders and business closures, without increasing health risks.”

Frieden, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, explained how immunity passports would be used to determine who is allowed freedom of movement and who is not based on whether they’ve taken the COVID-19 vaccine, despite the fact it’s not “known how long immunity will last or whether vaccinated people can spread the virus.”

“We need practical and universal standards to verify who has been vaccinated,” Frieden and Schwid wrote, adding that a digital immunity passport would prevent fraud, loss, or theft of vaccination proof despite privacy concerns.

Frieden and Schwid then suggest that freedom of movement will be restricted for those who refrain from getting vaccinated.

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