Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 28 December 2020

Biomedical scientist who has used the PCR test confirms David Icke’s contention that it’s being used to perpetuate a scam


I have contacted You before about Your fantastic and splendid show on Gaia. What I’d like to tell You this time is about the Coronavirus Hoax.

As I have been in the past a medical laboratory technologist, I have used these PCR and Antigen tests quite frequently.
What I wanted to tell you is that here in Finland everyone who is about to be sent to a hospital ward from the ER, is tested for influenza viruses (A, B, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, abbreviated as RSV) – and of course these days for the so-called coronavirus.

Before this “virus spread out everywhere from China”, now that is also a compulsory test for those before they are admitted to a hospital ward.

As I have done these tests (mariPOC-analyzer) for antigens and (GeneExpert [cepheid]) for Influenzas. There have been over years those who will test positive for coronavirus (antigen), their specimen has been saved in the fridge for possible further analysis (which have never reached the daylight, by the way).

I am very well aware how the reverse-PCR-test works, and I coincided with You that this is a false flag.

In Finland, we are currently run by a “leftist” government, and therefore there are no mandatory means as to use the mask or to follow “safety 1,5 metres” – but, of course, they are “extremely highly recommended”.

What I recall in my past, is that the earlier “pandemic” of swine flu was all too well propagated through the media, and then our country bought those under-tested vaccines, and thereafter it was pressured that everyone should have the shot.

The very memorable quote by the chief and overseeing general practitioner (of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) said that everyone should take the vaccine, and those who refuse, “don’t care about other people’s health and will continue to spread the virus, especially to the elderly”.
When – a couple weeks from the “highly recommended vaccines” were injected, – there was an unbelievable number cases of the very rare auto-immune disease called Narcolepsy. Apparently nobody took responsibility of that, and those people (mostly children at the age of diagnosis) will have to live with that condition, and the state will pay the bills for their ailment, because the Big Pharma had (by a special treaty) no obligation to do that, as the under-developed vaccine “was safe and effective for everyone”, according to mainstream sources.

I wanted to tell You this specifically because now we have a brand-new “safe and well-tolerated and effective” vaccine, and the Big Pharma is not responsible (by specific condition on a top-secret paper) to pay the fairs should anyone, who has taken the vaccine, have serious auto-immune diseases or anything else.

I listen to several podcasts on Your site, as well as on the The quality is so much better than the mainstream media, which has “journalists”, which will continually stop and halt what their quest is actually saying.

I would like to ask You to do a profound research about Finland, and how those spider-networks are working in here. This is simply because I have no idea, and our country is so small and with a current population of 5,5 million denyzens. Is the Spider only concerned with the more influential and popular countries – or are they simply waiting for us in here to gradually fall into their “new world order”?

Biomedical Scientist (details supplied),


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