Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 22 December 2020

COVID Christmas Sweater Ensures Social Distancing by Flashing and Sounding an Alarm When People Get Too Close – Really?

American home security company SimpliSafe should win an award for most outrageous invention during the coronavirus pandemic. They’ve unveiled a holiday sweater prototype that promotes social distancing by using alarms and flashing lights. It would make a great gag gift for Christmas but could never be taken seriously. The bigger question is who would actually wear this sweater?

“Heading into the holiday season, it became clear that the typical stressors and logistics of the holidays were going to be exacerbated this year. We saw an opportunity to tap into these challenges and the pervasive sentiment of unease.” – SimpliSafe’s Creative Director Wade Devers

SCMP reports SimpliSafe designed the Social Distancing Sweater, which is rigged with motion sensors that set off the knitwear’s siren and flashing LED lights when someone steps within 6 feet (1.8 metres) of the sweater-wearer.

The sweater is a prototype:

SimpliSafe’s holiday sweater is just a prototype, but the home security company is giving away versions of the knitwear without the tech and sensors.
Those who receive the sweater can then head to the company’s website for instructions on how to upgrade the knitwear with an alarm, lights, and sensors.

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