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Calculated celebrity onslaught goes on: ‘Paul McCartney wants coronavirus vaccine’ – then he should have it. Anyone with a brain won’t, however

The Beatles legend has hailed the COVID-19 vaccine as “great news” and said he would take the jab “as soon as he’s allowed” to.

Sir Paul McCartney wants to take the coronavirus vaccine.

The Beatles legend has hailed the medical breakthrough in the fight against the pandemic as “great news” and he admitted he’ll be very happy to be immunised as soon as he is eligible to have it.

“I know we’ll come through this,” the Yesterday singer told The Sun. “It is great news about the vaccine. I’ll have it as soon as I’m allowed.

“I’m a grandad and you don’t want grandad to collapse. You’ve got to stay strong, that’s all you can do, or you go under.”

Macca – who is married to his third wife Nancy Shevell – spent much of lockdown in the UK with his daughter Mary and her family, and he was “a little worried” about telling people he’d been enjoying isolation because so many had found things tough.

He revealed: “A lot of friends were saying, ‘Wow, I’ve never spent so much time with my wife!’

“And it was great because I got to spend time with my daughter Mary and her family. So that meant I had four of my grandkids together, which was really nice.

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