Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 15 December 2020

Is loss of taste and smell a ‘symptom’ unique to ‘covid’? Absolutely NOT – it is a symptom of a cold or flu and has many other causes

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I have friends in Switzerland who told me of two people they know who lost their sense of smell and were diagnosed as Covid positive (obviously with the useless PCR Test). Since this symptom is propagated in the media and medical journals as a first and main symptom of Covid,  I took out my old Merck manual of 2011 which is sort of a cheat sheet for doctors to look up symptoms and disease descriptions, and looked up causes of what is called Anosmia, the loss of sense of smell.

Attached are three pages on this condition and I marked the most important parts. It is commonly caused by the flu, and nasal congestion, sinusitis, runny nose (rhinorrhea),- all symptoms of flu and cold. It can happen in patients who have a shingles outbreak in their face, but most doctors would be able to distinguish shingles from flu and what is called Covid as Shingles are extremely painful. 
Other causes are polyps and generally swollen nasal mucosa which can block air flow and thereby prevent smells from reaching the olfactory nerves that begin on the very top of the nose. Unless there is a doctor trained in Ear, Nose and Throat medicine, the nose is rarely examined properly by internists and emergency room physicians. I had to go to the ER once with an ear infection and I had to wait for an ENT doc to look in my ear which is completely ridiculous as I, not being an ENT, could have diagnosed it, just that I could not look into my own ear. 
So most patients will not know that they have polyps when a none ENT doc examines the nose In addition dry mouth can cause it. So many people will suffer from dry mouth because of wearing a mask all day long and mouth breathing because they are suffocating.

I had a very sinister thought, that maybe these PCR test swabs were laced with a toxin that damages the olfactory nerves up there to induce anosmia … I wonder why they stick this swab so far up into the noses of people.

Old people also have a reduced sense of smell, although it doesn’t happen suddenly. It can also be caused by toxins and certain medications as shown on the picture below. Intranasal Zinc application can cause it as well. Many people start using Zinc when they have symptoms of a cold, flu or if they believe in it, Covid. Who knows how many people are damaging their olfactory nerve by doing this.

I hope this is of some use to you.


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