Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 14 December 2020

Tucker Carlson: It’s ‘Grotesque’ for Kids to Identify as Transgender

In a recent episode of his show, Carlson also said trans-supportive parents are engaging in child abuse.

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson has once again gone after transgender people — this time, trans children and their parents, with him saying supportive parents are engaging in child abuse and that the concept of a trans child is “grotesque.”

Last Thursday on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the host blasted the HBO documentary Transhood, which chronicles the experiences of four trans kids, ages 4, 7, 12, and 15 when filming began. “What we’re about to show you is so disturbing it would have qualified as a crime not so long ago,” he said when introducing a clip from the film.

The clip showed a 4-year-old child, Phoenix, going to the front of her Unitarian Universalist church to declare that she is a girl. She ended up being too shy to speak to the whole congregation, so her mother made the declaration for her.

“What you’re seeing is ventriloquism,” Carlson said. “Four-year-olds don’t make decisions like that. They can’t. And yet across the country, small children are being given puberty blockers and irreversibly damaging their bodies. … It’s grotesque.”

There was much more to Carlson’s diatribe. “This isn’t just one parent abusing a child on TV,” he said. “This is a nationwide — we’re going to use the word — epidemic.” He denounced Democratic politicians, including President-elect Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, for supporting trans equality, and he asserted that people are afraid to voice skepticism about trans identity because they’ll have trouble getting a job or see their books banned by Target. Target did briefly withdraw an anti-trans book but quickly reversed the move.

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