Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 13 December 2020

Why has the UK handed the world’s new most powerful weapon to China? Because the Global Cult is transforming the world out of China (and Israel)

They call it ultracold quantum technology, and it will change the world. It’s a mind-boggling new field of science that is at once hugely exciting and – as we shall see – utterly alarming.

It will change everything we know about computing and ultimately render all devices currently in use obsolete.

As well as myriad practical applications that will change our lives, it is likely to transform warfare, with unhackable communications, precision weapons guidance systems, and radar so sensitive it will detect both enemy stealth bombers and distant submarines.

As Bill Phillips, Nobel Prize winning physicist, puts it: ‘A quantum computer is as different from a classical computer as a classical computer is from an abacus.’

It’s why any nation that possesses its secrets would be insane to share it with a potential foe – especially one that is hell-bent on dominating the globe, and has the resources to do it.

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