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Son slams ‘inhumane’ care home staff for refusing to let him visit his dying mother, 89, who has dementia while she was still able to recognise him

A man has slammed ‘inhumane’ care home staff after he was refused to see his dying mother while she was still able to recognise him. 

Pat, 89, an army officer’s widow originally from the Wirral and now a resident at Mildenhall Lodge Care Home in Suffolk, is suffering from advanced dementia and was classed last week by her GP and the hospital as requiring end-of-life care due to renal failure. 

Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL, her daughter-in-law Jill Collins, 60, from Chippenham, who is married to Nick, 61, said: ‘Basically she is dying and we may have hours or, at best, a couple of weeks left with her.’

However, the couple aren’t with her – because Jill claims that for the last nine months care home managers have continuously denied them any visits. 

‘They told us that, because of the pandemic, Nick would only be allowed in when they think she is in the last 48 hours of her life,’ Jill explained. ‘She will, at this point, be unresponsive and in a coma, thus denying her only son any opportunity to spend some time with her while she still knows who he is.’ 

After Nick launched a social media campaign, he was granted a visit with his mother on Sunday, but said it was too late and she didn’t seem to know he was there, let alone recognise him.  

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