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Sacked for not wearing a mask after 39 years with the same company

Hi Gareth ,my brother i believe told you of my situation and said i should write to you about how it happened .

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Back in October the company that I worked for introduced a new health and safety rule making it mandatory for all employees to wear a face covering mask/visor, even though no had tested positive on the PCR test since this whole plandemic began and the levels of people testing positive in the area where I live were very low and still are.

I had already asked if this was going to happen because there were rumours but they said no, but then a week or so later a notice came round on the Friday that as from Monday everyone had to where a face covering and so I went and found the health and safety advisor, showed him my exemption card, and told him I could not wear one. He and his boss rejected my card telling me it was only for public spaces and told me to come in Monday wearing or I will be sent home.

So I did not go in for two days and after playing ping pong emails with HR, went back in on the Wednesday without wearing one, and was only there for ten minutes before getting suspended and put under investigation for putting everybody else at risk which is stupid because they all sit in the same canteen and use the same kitchen and vending machines and all the smokers stand in the same shelter close to one another.

I was offered alternative types of masks/visors but to me they are all the same. This was followed by more emails and an offer to have a talk with a therapist as to why I could not wear one which i declined and was then invited to a disciplinary meeting where I was offered a chance of returning to work with a mask.

I said i could not so they dismissed me on the 13/11. I did talk to a solicitor about wrongful dismissal but he said it would be very difficult without a medical reason whatever. That means no one has clearly defined what that is.

So after 39 years of loyalty they sacked me for not being able to cover my face up for eight hours a day. When I started working in 1981 it was not the same company. They were taken over about five or six years ago by a large Swiss company.

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