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10 Best Tips You Can Apply Daily To Take Care Of Your Eye’s

Eye’s are one of the most necessary parts of health. You can’t make sense of your surroundings and the world without your eyes. People are dependent on their eyes to see the world.

Diseases related to the eye results in the loss of vision so it is essential to diagnose and treat these diseases as soon as possible to keep your eyes healthy.

You must get a proper eye check-up from the UAE best hospital according to the advice of the health care provider or you can go for it if you have any issue related to vision. As it is essential to maintain the health of a human body, it is also important to keep your eyes completely healthy.

Best Tips For Eye Care

The following tips will prove very effective for you to maintain the health of your eyes and to make sure that your vision is the best.

  1. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Firstly, to maintain the health of your body and eyes you have to eat healthy food. Maintain your diet and make sure your diet must comprise of vegetables and fruits.

Don’t forget to add leafy vegetables and also deep yellow vegetables to keep your eyes healthy in the way you want. The omega-3 fatty acids are present in a high amount in fish. These fishes are halibut, salmon, and tuna.

  1. Balance The Weight Of Your Body

You don’t just have to work on your diet for the health of your eyes but your weight too to make sure that you are completely healthy. Overweight and obesity sometimes lead to diabetes because it enhances the risk of this disease.

Glaucoma and retinopathy are the major diseases that diabetes can cause in people. So make it essential to maintain your weight.

  1. Exercise Daily To Keep You Fit

If you want to keep yourself fit and prevent diseases then you must exercise daily. Even more, you can control many diseases from exercise like diabetes, high cholesterol issues, and problems related to blood pressure.

The diseases mentioned above can damage your vision so it is important to exercise daily to keep the risk of eye problems lower.

  1. Use Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes

Exposure to the sun harm and damage your eyes. It also enhances the risk of macular degeneration related to age and cataracts. Sunglasses protect your eyes and block 99% of UV-A and UV-B radiations from 100%.

  1. Use Eye Wear 

Protected eyewear also prevent injuries related to the eyes. For example, if you are playing sports or your job is related to any constructive or factory work or even if you are doing work related to repair at home then you must need to use eyewear.

In this way, the risk of eye injuries will be minor and you will get your eyes protected.

  1. Don’t Smoke To Balance Your Eyes Health

Smoking increases certain disease risks like cataracts and macular degeneration. These diseases are age-related and harm the optic nerve of the eye. 

  1. Be Aware Of Your Family’sMedical History 

Some diseases related to the eyes are inherited so you must know if anyone suffered disease related to eyes in your family or not. It can help you to know which eye diseases you can develop at high risk.

  1. Determine The Risk Factors

As your age increase, the chances of developing eye diseases and certain other conditions that are related to eye increases. You may be able to alter certain behaviors by determining risk factors.

So the chances of these risk factors to harm your eyes become less when you adapt yourself according to the conditions in which you protect your eyes.

  1. Protect Your Eyes From Infections When You Use Contacts

Wash and clean your hands properly if you are going to put in or take out the lenses from your eyes. Follow all the instructions that are related to the cleaning and replacement of lenses.

  1. Your Eyes Need Rest

Your eyes get tired because of the continuous use of a computer or mobile because they don’t blink much so it can make your eyes tired. Do you know about the 20-20-20 rule?

Look away at the distance of 20 feet for 20 seconds in your front after every 20 minutes to decrease the eyestrain.

Eye Testing And Detailed Examination

Everyone needs eye testing to check the problems related to vision and eyes. During a checkup, the health care providers do vision screening of children. Adults can also get a screening of vision to identify eye-related issues during the checkup.

Besides screening, many people need a detailed examination of their eyes. Some eye diseases don’t have warning symptoms so a detailed examination is necessary. 

You have to get a comprehensive eye examination if you want to diagnose the early stages of eye diseases. It is easy to treat diseases at early stages. 

Eye exam comprised of the following tests:

A Visual Field Test

This test is used to check the side (peripheral) vision. Peripheral vision loss is a sign that you are developing glaucoma.

A Visual Acuity Test 

In this test, you have to read an eye chart that is at the distance of 20 feet to examine how well you can see and perceive things that are at distance.


It is used to check the interior pressure of the eye. This test also helps to diagnose glaucoma.


In this test, the eye care provider puts drops in your eyes to dilate your pupils so the light enters your eyes easily. Now, the eye care provider examines your eyes using a magnifying lens. 

In this way, the eye care provider tests the tissues that are at the back of your eyes. These tissues are of the retina, optic nerve, and macula. 

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