Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 7 December 2020

The shocking story of Australian quarantine fascism and the ‘chemical’ on the testing swab

I would like to share with you my experiences with the draconian lockdown here. 

I am in Brisbane hotel quarantine at the moment coming back from Dubai. 

They lock me up in a hotel room with no openable window. If I want fresh air, I have to request the reception and be escorted to the pool deck by the police. 

The 14 days quarantine is mandatory REGARDLESS if people are tested Positive or Negative!   

They test us on the fourth and the tenth day here with PCR. 

I refused the tests and will have to stay another 20 days. 

I lost my dad last week and didn’t have a chance to see him before he died. I missed his funeral 2 days ago. 

I have been trying to come home for the last 2 months but had no confirmed seat by Emirates. The embassy blocks most seats and controls who can come into Australia and who can’t.  Remaining seats are sold by the airline to people who could afford business and first class seats. 

Before my dad passing, I wrote to the Primister and senators for help and got no response. The embassy didn’t even take calls. They only have message bank on and callers have to email to book for appointments. I had to call Australia from Dubai for help and it got nowhere. 

My dad died while I was pleading the health authorities for exemption to hotel quarantine so that I can be excluded from their arrival cap. They denied in an inhuman way!

My mother is also in palliative care and any moment she could go. The embassy did manage to give me a seat home to at least see my mother before she passes. 

I am now locked up for the next 20 days. 

On the way into hotel quarantine, we had to wait for 3 hours on a packed bus with young children screaming and confined airconditioned bus that every row was occupied. At the airport, we were hassled to comply with social distancing rules of 1.5 m apart and yet we were packed into the bus guarded by the police. Every one was only less than half a meter from each other! For 3 hours!
On arrival, the official announcement also said that taking photographs or videos of official personnel is prohibited and against the law!

Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of so-called “emergency personnel” mainly from India has been shipped into the country during the lockdown. They form the backbone for C19 emergency team and 5G technical roll out. 

Yesterday the Western Australia premier spoke of mandatory vaccine for children before they return to school next year in February/March. 

The states spoke of the new idea of detention quarantine camps that you discussed for positively tested travelers and people who are infected by the virus . But it doesn’t mean that negatively tested people are free to go home! They will still be locked up for 14 days with 2 tests during their confinement. 

I tested in August so that I could travel to be with my husband who works in Dubai, after 7 months being separated from each other due to the lockdown in both countries. The PCR test was invasive. The nurse picked up my nose that caused bleeding and I had migraines for two weeks. They had chemical on the swabs because I could taste it. I don’t take any medication and have been on chemical free diet (organic and vegetarian) for nearly 10 years. My dad family is vegan all their life so I have been brought up aware of the toxins in foods. 
I asked the nurse why they need to put chemical on the swap when it is designed to take sample from the patient? She said it was only sanitizing agent on it. But I tasted something in it that was very bad. I split it out and blew my nose to get rid of it. I drank water and made sure it didn’t stay … but I still got massive migraine and nausea. I came across Celeste Solum work via [David’s] site and she said that they put hydrogel/nanogel as a delivery for vaccine agent via the mucus system (nose and mouth). I googled it and there are lots of scientific paper discussing this method. 

It is a great concern. I feel that they are using travelers as test objects for their vaccine delivery … I do believe that the PCR test is a form of vaccine and hence the reason that they have to test us twice in quarantine regardless of us being negative or positive. 

When I refused the PCR tests, the nurse (new arrived from India) told me that there is no other tests available. The PCR is used because of its great accuracy! I told her about Musk’s 4 tests in one day and half with opposite results, she denied the mentioned. She couldn’t even tell me why we have to be tested twice and why we are still locked up even being tested negative!

Thank you for your work. It bring hope to humanity.  

I appreciate all your hard work and the love for humanity that keep you going. 

Please share my story so the world know of such evil and that we all need to stand up for ourselves and for our children. 

I stood up to refuse their tests, and will face another 10 days confinement. I don’t know the other consequences that will come with it because I still have to travel to another state to reach home. But one thing is that I feel right to refuse the submission. 

Take care. 


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