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How to prepare for an interstate move?

Moving is always a huge task and it becomes even more complex and huge when it is an interstate move. Proper organization and logistical considerations need to be kept in mind while preparing for a state to state move. With so many tasks to do at a time, the problem now is how you can fully prepare for a state to state move so that you can have a smoother and efficient move. If you are also worried about your long-distance move then have a look at these tips from top rated out of state moving companies that will help you in preparing for the move. 

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  1. Schedule your move at least one month before the moving date  

When it comes to preparing for this long distance move, it is recommended you to schedule your move at least one month before the time. If you plan before the time then you will get the dates to work according to the move. It allows you to get time so you can start packing earlier and can complete the tasks at the right time. 

  1. Set precious items aside 

While packing of items and doing moving tasks, you should set all the precious items aside. If you also have the item that you don’t want to lose and your sentiments are attached with that particular item then you should also keep it aside to keep it safe. You should also not pack the expensive items into the boxes that need to be loaded into the truck. Pack all these items in a separate bag and take these items with you so that they can stay safe during transportation. 

  1. Get a pen and a paper and write 

The very first thing to get prepared for an interstate move is to make a to-do list. Grab a pen and paper and then start writing all the things that you have to do. In this way, you would not forget any important steps. It also helps you to always check out what are the things that are still pending to do. This is the best way to stay organized during the entire move.

  1. Planning is the foundation of a successful move

Create a plan that how you will stay organized during the entire move to another state. Here you should decide on the maximum and the most important things about a move like whether you will hire professionals for help or whether you will take help from your friends and family members. Make sure you create a plan in a good manner that includes all the important things. Here are the two important things that you need to focus on. 

The first one is to make sure that the new home is move-in ready. Check all the essential utilities had been set up like water, internet connection, electricity and so on and the second is to prepare an emergency bag for you and keep all the important things into it so whenever you need it, you can access these. 

  1. If possible, hire the professional movers 

It is recommended you to hire professional movers so that the moving process becomes easier for you. To hire the best moving company, you should look at these things:

Compare all the moving quotes offered by the different moving companies. You should also check moving services and conditions. To hire a moving company, you should also check the reviews of it given by the people on their website. This will help you know what kind of services the moving company offers to its clients. 

  1. Research about your destination place 

Before you reach the new place it is recommended you to research about it. This will help you to get prepared for the new place. If possible then make a plan to visit the new home before you reach there and get to know about your surroundings. Meet the new neighborhood and get to know about the community. 

  1. Don’t forget to label all your packing boxes 

If you want to stay organized then it is recommended you label all your packing boxes. It helps in keeping the packing and unpacking organized, easier, and efficient. Don’t underestimate the power of the labeling of the boxes because it helps you to stay organized and you will not lose the items during the transportation. You should label boxes at the two sides which will make the handling easier and if there are fragile items present on the boxes then your professionals will get to know and will take care of the items while handling these. 


Having a successful state to state move is not easier because it requires a lot of tasks to do in a short duration of time. Moving to a new state can be traumatic when planned wrong, with the help of these above tips and tricks, you can easily make your interstate move successful. Remember that proper planning and organization is the key to a successful move. 

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