Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 6 December 2020

A video that BEGGARS BELIEF: The ‘care home’ disgrace that is killing the elderly by the tens of thousands and here’s an example caught on film that shows the utter inhumanity and empathy-deleted behaviour that is happening every day

Leandra Ashton on Facebook

New guidelines right? We can all see our loved ones if we have a negative test right?On Dec 2nd my Mum asked for an in-person visit and was told ‘We have no tests’. Don’t worry, replied my Mum, I’ll get one done. The next day, having been tested she emailed a negative test result. This was met with another no: “We’re waiting for vaccinations before visiting can take place”.The only option? Another inhumane window visit. Today, at the end of her 10 minute ‘visit’, kneeling on concrete by the window trying to connect with my Nan, my Mum raised concerns with the care assistant about how my Nan was looking. This is the response she was greeted with.Social care needs a revolution. How we care for our elderly says a lot about who we are as a society. How we care for distraught relatives says a lot too.For over 9 months we have been going through EVERY official channel. On Tuesday we will finally be having a Best Interests Meeting. Still there is no guarantee we’ll be able to take my Nan home. A DOLS (Deprivation of Liberty Order) has been placed on her which we have been told by lawyers is unlawful and improper and which we are still fighting.If you want to help, please would you consider joining us on Monday as we email all of East Ridings councillors to demand they look into the unlawful handling by social services and public health of not only my Nan’s case but all those in the region who are still imprisoned in care homes.#socialcarerevolution #unlawfuldols #unlawfulimprisionment #article8humanrights #questioncarehomes #stilllockedaway #ProfitOverPeople #elderlyabuse #CollateralDamage #socialcare #powerofattorney #knowyourrights


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