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What is the best 3-wheeled electric scooters kid?

In electric mobility, not everything is cars. The motorcycles are making their way and with much greater speed than their fellow travelers. In 2017 alone, 4,386 units were sold (1,816 mopeds and 2,570 motorcycles), with a growth of 188% over 2016 for the former and 223% for the latter. At the moment, its main buyers are companies that use it for fleets or for “moto-sharing”. There is little private market.

And despite the fact that their price is slightly higher than their internal combustion counterparts, the new regulations in large cities and their medium-long-term savings in fuel and maintenance are beginning to make them especially attractive. The range of models is growing and many are “made in Spain” brands, although they compete with models that come directly from the other side of the world, from the Asian giant itself. China is the world’s main market for these sustainable vehicles.

In this list, being the cheapest best 3-wheeled electric scooters kid, there are some motorcycles that do not exceed the maximum speed of 45 km / h, which according to the legislation on the use and permits to drive electric motorcycles in US, can be driven with a moped license or license AM, which can be obtained at 15 years of age. But not only. There are models that do exceed that speed and for this you need a B license, which is to drive cars, because they are electric motorcycles up to 11kw.

Emocycles Moskito 500:

This scooter is the cheapest in its segment but it has very little autonomy. It is an electric moped with only 1 CV, with extrapolated lead acid batteries that allow it to recharge independence of 35 kilometers. Its top speed is a bit low: it only runs at 40 km / h. However it is almost perfect for an average urban planner. According to the INE, 90% of the inhabitants of a city travel less than 50 kilometers a day, so it will be necessary to calculate very well if you do not want to have to recharge in the middle of the day.

Emo or Emocycles is a brand of electric motorcycles located in Reus (Tarragona) and in addition to the Moskito 500 it has other superior models such as the Tornado or the Spirit 2000.

Lifan E3: 

A little known scooter in US but very widespread in China, where it is from its parent company. With a removable lithium battery, this 1.5 hp motorcycle reaches up to 49 km / h. It is small in size, light and compact with 10 ″ wheels, and you can choose very original and striking colors. It has a well designed digital chart with little but accurate information website toptenproductreview. Unlike other motorcycles, it uses LED lights both in the headlight and in all the pilots, and it has a standard USB plug and a kickstand that disconnects the engine.

Emocycles Spirit 2000: 

The Tarragona brand is once again ranked third among the cheapest in the market. The highlight is its agile and dynamic driving, designed for use in the city. This electric scooter has 3 CV, a battery that allows a range of 50 km and a maximum speed of 45 km / h. Its quick start and stability stand out. With rear-wheel drive and 10 ″ wheels, it’s a slightly more advanced option for those who don’t want to suffer from so-called “range anxiety.”

Lectric Urban: 

In the fourth position, the jump is qualitative. It is a purely Spanish brand that offers a very affordable model for your pocket. It is a scooter already somewhat larger, and for little more euros, you can have a 6.7 HP electric motorcycle with a power of 5000W, which allows you to obtain a significant acceleration. In addition, the autonomy is really significant: 90 km as well as its maximum speed: 92 km / h. However, the most striking thing is that it is designed both to circulate in the city and on the road. It weighs 165 kg and supports a load of up to 150 kg, allowing two medium-sized people to travel in it.

NIU Series M:

NIU is a brand of Chinese origin and markets two models in US. The M Series is the cheaper of the two but does not skimp on futuristic design without forgetting driveability. This scooter is the one that most closely resembles the conventional ones in this comparison. It is also very small so it is very light, the total weight is less than 100 kg. It has a range of 80 km that is achieved thanks to its removable battery weighing only 8.3 kg, which can be charged with a conventional plug. The charging time is six hours. Another feature is its fully digital instrumentation panel, which includes, as a novelty, a digital clock. Its maximum speed is 45 km / h. 

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