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How To Move A Car To The City University Of New York (CUNY)

Most kids getting ready to go to college are excited about the adventure that is coming their way. Especially when applying and getting accepted to one of the City University of New York’s (CUNY) campuses, the idea of being in The Big Apple can be both exciting and overwhelming.

CUNY is one University with 25 different colleges. All the colleges are spread across the five boroughs, giving you a full New York experience. Whether you find an apartment near campus or choose to live on your respective campus, there are opportunities available for you if you want to bring your car with you.

Why don’t we look at how you can move your car to the City University of New York?

A lot of the delivery method for your car will be determined on where your point of origin is. If you are an international student coming to CUNY, a simple car trailer will not cut it. What can you expect on an international car shipment?

An international car shipping company often does the heavy lifting for you. You have to understand what is expected from customs when you import your vehicle into the United States. The easiest mode of transport for shipping to the United States internationally is on a cargo ship. You can choose a roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) method or container shipping.

For those moving within the contiguous 48 states, most transport companies will accommodate your needs for shipping both your car and your personal belongings. You have a couple of options for car transport, especially if you are not shipping everything at the same time. Most of the available shipping services can be found via this link.

Open-air transport is commonly used because it is the most affordable transport option. If you have ever seen the cars on a trailer at a car lot, you know what an open-air transport trailer is. These vehicles are exposed to the weather elements and potential road debris, so if you choose this option, you have to understand those risks.

Enclosed transport is a method that can be used, but not as many cars are moved in one trip, making it more expensive. With an enclosed trailer, your car is protected on all sides, keeping it out of the weather elements.

Of course, you can opt to have your car and your belongings moved to CUNY simultaneously. This option helps you save time and money. The first thing you need to do is research potential auto transport companies that also provide moving services. Then you will want to begin the quoting process.

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