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A story the mainstream media won’t touch – proper journalist Jacqui Deevoy: Why were the police targeting women and the elderly at Saturday’s London protest? [Because we are dealing with the Jackboot Johnson SS]

As a journalist, truth-seeker and long-time advocate for freedom of speech and expression, I feel it’s my duty to speak out and make a stand wherever I can. I’ve been to two London protests in Trafalgar Square but, as I couldn’t make it to the one on Saturday (November 28th2020), I decided to cover it remotely. What I observed on social media and from information sent directly to me by friends and citizen journalists shocked me to the core.

Watching live videos made by individual protesters and reporters, and on behalf of RT and various YouTube channels such as Not On The Beeb, it was clear to see that the police, who are paid by the taxpayer to protect and serve the public, were initially targeting female protesters. 

The first arrest I witnessed was of a long-haired young woman, possibly teenaged, being marched down the road by police, hands tethered behind her back. 

The second arrest I saw on video was of a woman, probably in her 50s, who was surrounded by police and handcuffed. Her crime? Laughing. Yes, that’s right. She admitted to laughing at the police as they headed her way, marching like a regiment of goose-stepping Nazis. Then they pounced. As they proceeded to intimidate her, she explained to them that she had a frozen shoulder and to go easy. They ignored her pleas. As they continued to abuse and threaten her, her face went into a series of spasms, the sort a person might experience just before suffering a seizure. If I’d been one of the offending police officers at that point I’d have made sure to back off and even call an ambulance. The police who were making the illegal arrest did neither: they turned her to face some railings, handcuffed her, then carted her off towards a police van. I hope she’s OK. 

On Oxford Street, a series of women were targeted and arrested. One young woman was standing holding a placard, which referred to Qantas Airlines recent announcement of not allowing anyone to travel with them unless they are vaccinated, a decision which caused uproar amongst supporters of human rights. (Surely that’s everyone, no?) This woman wasn’t running or shouting … she wasn’t even holding her placard up high or waving it about; she wasn’t causing any kind of disturbance. So what was her crime? Holding a board with some words on? Seems so. 

I then saw a blonde woman in her forties in a khaki green anorak with a black rucksack on her back, near to tears as she was ‘escorted’ by four police officers towards one of their modern-day Black Mariahs. The assault and kidnapping was executed to chants from standers-by directed towards the police of “shame on you, shame on you!”

Around 3:30pm, Louise May Creffield from freedom-fighting group Save Our Rights UK was arrested. The police had been looking for an excuse to arrest the 34-year-old mum-of-four for some time and have already visited her late one night at her home a few weeks ago in an attempt to intimidate her. As everyone can see now, it’s obvious that the UK government aren’t happy about anyone speaking out and telling the truth about the ‘pandemic’, let alone trying to educate people about their rights and how to use them, something which Miss Creffield, as a professional political campaigner, does regularly and well via regular Facebook live broadcasts. The Save Our Rights UK group currently has over 40,000 members and the numbers are rising daily (unlike the numbers of those dying of a hoax virus). Miss Creffield was taken to Plumstead police station and released on Sunday. She was charged with Criminal Damage, Obstructing a Highway and has been banned from going within the boundaries of the M25.

Sky News Australia showed footage of two young women being manhandled and pushed around by a gang of male and female officers, commenting that the policing system has been politicized and that it seems to be two-tiered.  

There are also numerous videos of grey-haired folk getting arrested. I don’t think they’re targeting people of a certain hair colour – it would appear they’ve been told to grab anyone who looks like they might not cause too much damage if they fight back: small people, females and the elderly. 

In once piece of footage, taken by British TV presenter and author Tonia Buxton and shared on journalist Anna Brees’s FB page, a silver-haired gent was surrounded by no less than eight police officers and tackled to the ground by two who were probably twice his weight. He was shouting “what are you doing, what the fuck are you doing?” but went suddenly silent as they wrestled him to the pavement and knelt on him. 

Sky New Australia commented: “There were about a dozen officers jumping on the one bloke and there were even more coming in. Heavy-handed… Is that really a proportionate response?” 

The officers suddenly appeared to be concerned. Sirens wailed: I hoped they were the sirens of an ambulance.

Then there was the coach siege. (I’ll be writing about that in a separate in detail, as passenger Mike James John recorded over an hour and a half of footage, showing the illegal actions of the police and the distress this caused to the people on the coach.) A bus full of peaceful protesters, who were travelling from Hampshire to London to attend the rally, was flagged down by police in Hillingdon, just outside London. Seventeen police officers boarded the bus, making illegal demands, intimidating the passengers and, ultimately making 10 arrests, including a couple in their 70s. As far as I know, the charges were for refusing to give details when asked for them by police, which all of us are perfectly within our rights to do unless we have been suspected of a crime. 

‘Father Christmas’ was also dragged off by the police and probably arrested: the police obviously mistook the young bloke dressed up as Santa for an old geezer. (Must have been the white beard that did it. These police officers aren’t very bright.)

Oh, and of course stalwart protester Piers Corbyn was arrested – again. A protest wouldn’t be a protest without Piers being targeted, assaulted and handcuffed – although, this time, it looked as if they didn’t bother with the handcuffs. (Why they ever handcuff the elderly is beyond most people.) 

The 74-year-old brother of ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was accosted at Piccadilly Circus tube and taken away to chants of “freedom!” and “to talk is not a crime.” 

As he was led away, Piers chanted: “They do not like freedom of speech; they do not like freedom of assembly!” 

Piers’ friend Ellie Green, who filmed the proceedings, can be heard shouting to the police “you should be ASHAMED of yourselves – all of you!”

Mr. Corbyn was taken to Wembley police station and was released in the early hours of Sunday morning.

So why are the police targeting certain groups of people? What do the government and police perceive these groups to have in common? Women and the elderly… think about it. Of the 150 arrests made on Saturday, a large proportion was of people who police may have deemed to be easier to arrest. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that women and the elderly are generally physically weaker than men. Is that why they went for them first? 

Another idea is that perhaps attacking the females and old people would rile the men and incite them to react, step in to protect, thus causing more mayhem, violence even. Most protesters, contrary to what the mainstream media tells us, are peaceful and from all the video footage and photos I’ve seen, it’s obvious that it’s the police, not the public, being violent: pouncing like hyenas on an antelope, ganging up, abusing, brutalising innocent demonstrators and bystanders. 

Another thought I had was perhaps the police had a quota – perhaps they were told they had to make a certain number of arrests by a certain time and the best way to achieve this is to attack those who are easier to subdue.

Whatever the reason, many arrests were made and many of those in brutal and inhumane ways. But how many of those arrests were illegal. From where I’m sitting, I’d say most of them were. Don’t you have to be suspected of breaking a law to be arrested? The ‘laws’ the police were telling people they’d broken aren’t laws at all – the Covid restrictions are no more than guidelines, government advice. (Even the government know better than to try and pretend the guidelines are laws: they know they can’t call them laws because to make certain actions – speaking publicly, gathering in groups, travelling and protesting – illegal would be in direct violation of human rights. Old Boris isn’t as green as he’s cabbage-looking.)

For what it’s worth, here’s my theory: it would appear that the police are being given instructions from ‘above’ (not God – a bit lower down than that!) to carry out illegal actions. They will then be taken to court over this. The police force will then be defunded. Then what? Oh yes, the military will be brought in, as per the plan. (Look up Operation Lockstep). Et voilà! Martial law. Just how they want it. All ready for the next stage. 

To stop that happening, we ALL have to stand up and be counted. Do what you can: speak out, share information, write, sing. Use your talent to share the truth. Stop the ‘new normal’. Save our children. And stop women and the elderly from being targeted and abused by the conscience-less robo-cops we used to call police officers.

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