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Top 3 free online courses for enhancing your business skills offered by Mooc-course

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we all are following social distancing measures so while sitting at home many people are looking to make the right use of their time such as: 

  • Some are taking cooking classes 
  • Some are indulging in online yoga classes 
  • Some are taking online business classes

By any means they are willing to learn new skills, so if anyone is looking to enhance their business productivity or get promotions by learning new courses.

There are numerous platforms available on the internet providing people with free online courses such as 

  1. EdX
  2. Futurelearn
  3. Coursera 
  4. Mooc-course

These popular platforms are providing various online courses accredited from world top universities like Harvard, Illinois, Virginia, London and etc.

They are offering free courses for anyone to enrich their knowledge and expertise in the relevant field but to obtain a certificate or degree it’s necessary to pay a certain amount.

The best part of these platforms is that they mention the duration of a course, their modules, lecturers who will be provided with their expertise, and the difficulty level of the course like is it for beginner, pro, or advanced.

Below are the top 3 free online courses for enhancing your business skills offered by

Top 3 free online courses for enhancing your business skills offered by

  1. Human Capital strategy 
  • Offered by Hitachi foundation
  • Duration 6 weeks long with 3-4 hours a week

In today’s world developing strategies for recruiting the right people, creating organizational values and culture for effective teams is very important. 

This course will allow anyone enrolled in it to: 

  • Properly structure compensation
  • Offer relevant professional development
  • And manage employee performance.
  1. Facebook Ads- how to use the power of Facebook advertising
  • Offered by Galileo University 
  • Duration 5 weeks long with 3-4 hours a week

The importance of social media in a business is not unknown to anyone, with the advancement of technologies businesses who are striving for success in the future need to adopt social media in their marketing strategies, or else it will become impossible for them to survive.

This course will allow anyone enrolled in to:

  • Start their own business 
  • Promote other brands or products
  • Get insight into how advertisements work on Facebook and how to properly implement them.   
  1. Agile Leadership Principles and Practices
  • Offered by University of Maryland college park
  • Duration 4 weeks long with 2-3 hours a week

Old styles of leadership are outdated except for conservative organizations.

Organizations are looking for leaders who motivate their team to have great facilitation and communication skills, hence this course is an extract of all these.

This course will allow anyone enrolled in to:

  • How to facilitate the creativity of the team on any ongoing projects 
  • Help in strengthening negotiating power with individuals, groups, teams, and organizations.


Nowadays time is money, hence people should take the advantage of these free business online courses to enhance their productivity and polish their skills to run a business.

This will not only help those individuals enrolling in it, but will also affect organizations productivity and create awareness among their coworkers to scrub off their potential and achieve desired success in their life. 

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