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Tips on How to Create a Luxurious-Looking Bathroom

Bathrooms are usually not the largest rooms in a house, and deciding what to put in it can take a lot of work. Designing a small space means that it is better to focus on including the essentials, but it does not mean the room has to look cheap. A beautiful and luxurious bathroom makes the most of the materials relative to the space available, but what are the priorities when trying to give your bathroom a facelift?

Choosing the right materials

Using the right materials for the theme you are following is important when designing a luxury bathroom. Materials like marble and limestone are popular because of their quality and durability, while the natural finish of wood can complement bathroom features like the bath or sink if used well. Together, these materials can impart an upscale feel to your bathroom.

Another timeless material for a luxury bathroom is quality tiles, but this depends on how you employ them in your space. There are many options to consider, like which walls to cover with tile or what materials and style to use, and even the colour of the grout can change the mood of a room for a luxurious feel. Placing one type of large,

light-coloured tile over the floor and one wall of the room can be visually striking without crowding the room too much.

Finding the right lighting

The lighting in your bathroom can instantly change the room’s mood, depending on how the light affects the materials. The right light fixtures should follow the style you are going for and also be bright enough to light the whole room. Additionally, having a large mirror that goes wall-to-wall would maximize the lighting and make the room feel more spacious at the same time. 

Investing in a bathtub

Bathtubs are becoming popular again as modern designs like the freestanding bath and materials like acrylic offer better functionality and a luxurious look. Having a freestanding bath can maximize your use of the bathroom and can turn it into a personal spa where you can relax and feel refreshed after a long day. These baths can be placed anywhere in the room, and popular materials are cast iron, stainless steel, acrylic, and fibreglass. Tubs can come in different shapes and sizes, and online retailers like JT Spas offer many elegant and modern designs to suit a bathroom’s theme.

Building character

Aside from the large statement pieces, a luxury look in a bathroom can also be attained by using small details and extra features like a classy storage space instead of open shelves. The luxury bathroom aesthetic is free of clutter, and cabinets with dark paint will let you put away your towels and toiletries while giving the bathroom a striking contrast.

Having a luxury bathroom depends on the use of materials to achieve the look and theme you want, so it is definitely worth the effort to explore the different options available to build your ideal relaxation space. 

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