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7 Reasons to Opt for a Dedicated Team Model

If you are willing to add power to your organization without bothering to expand your in-house staff, you can consider two paths: outsourcing and creating your own dedicated dev team overseas. The second model is relatively new to the market and has a set of important advantages over the more familiar outsourcing.

First, it’s worth sorting out what this model actually means, since not everyone has a clear idea of it. When you give part of work to a partner company abroad and this company forms a squad of its own workers to immerse into this task, that is a typical outsourcing, no matter how dedicated and highly professional this team may actually be.

Outstaffing implies setting up your own offshore unit of programmers from scratch. This will be exclusively your team, which will deal only with your products and, in general, will be a full-fledged department of your enterprise. 

The good news is that the entire routine of launching such teams is taken over by providers in the chosen country. For instance, in Ukraine, which is known for its high level of local devs, you can use the service of Newxel, they have already created dozens of such teams. Now let’s clarify what are the pluses of the dedicated team scheme.

  1. Values sharing

The fact that an offshore team is a full-fledged piece of your organization means that they fully share your corporate values. Such cultural integration is one of the mandatory points in building dedicated teams. This task lies entirely with the HR specialists from the provider’s side. You can be sure that being remote, your guys are breathing the same air as you. They are completely immersed in the goals of your organization and are highly motivated to achieve them.

  1. Better choice of profs

In the outsourcing approach, you are limited to the set of performers that the partner can offer you. Establishing a dedicated crew you can choose from all the developers in the market of a particular country. Thus, you have the chance to select software engineers that perfectly match your demands. Initially, the picking candidates is done by recruiters on the side of the provider, but you personally make the final hiring decision.

  1. Direct guidance

The management is carried out by you directly, starting with the first get-together with the team and continuing with daily online meetings, planning, setting objectives and evaluating their implementation. Although in matters of interaction, an account manager inside the team helps you, acting as a mediator between you and your company’s offshore brigade. Basically, you control your dedicated development brigade in the same way as you do it with your in-house people.

  1. Safety

One of the main flaws of the outsourcing model, which prompted the search for alternatives, was the issue of security. You had to trust inside information, including program codes, to developers from other organizations. Sometimes this led to the leakage of important data, which may lead to industrial espionage. In outstaffing, risks are minimized. All info is stored on the servers of your company and no one except your employees has access to it.

  1. Transparent costs

Compared with outsourcing, here the pricing is more understandable, transparent and predictable. You don’t have to pay hourly without making sure employees’ time is being spent efficiently. You do not need to pay extra money in case the product needs improvement. Prices cannot change in the course of work due to the complication of tasks. You know ahead of time how much your people’s work will cost you, because members of your extended team are paid fixed, pre-agreed salaries, which, by the way, often are lower than in your local market.

  1. Isolated office

A separate isolated room is rented to house your dedicated development team. Finding an office and equipping it with everything needed is also the task of a local provider. If necessary, the office can be also designed in your corporate style, which helps software developers, QA testers, support teams, etc feel part of your organization.

  1. Support

Also, all financial, administrative, and legal support is provided by a contractor like Newxel– from office management to paperwork, taxes, salary payments, and IT support.

Summing up, the dedicated development team principle enables you to launch your own cost-efficient, high-skilled, and motivated development unit in another country, without plunging into an organizational routine.

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