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Darktrace and Cybereason: The Intelligence Front Companies Seeking to Subjugate the World with the A.I. Singularity

We have all been dreaming, a dream where you can float or glide across your dreamscape effortlessly. This leads to the feeling of trepidation, as though you have the ability to let go, and if you do let go, you’ll either soar or fall. 

We’re now at a point in history where either the coming events will be studied for thousands of years, or it will be remembered as the point where we lost our humanity completely. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology has entered a new phase over the past several years, where instead of the A.I. algorithms learning from humans, they are now teaching themselves, changing their own algorithms as they learn. We are on the cusp of letting go of control entirely, so early on, because of a few small companies who have quietly been given free reign under the guise of “protecting” our digital lives, all within a tech sector that is moving so fast that we can no longer see what’s just around the bend. 

The entire free thinking population of Earth would love a little more time to discuss such epochal change. However, the technocrats and scientists, supported by venture capitalists, are already putting into action the future before the masses have a chance to even consider discussing its consequences. With very little legislation governing A.I. technologies on the books, our governments are eager to get every tech pioneer inventing whilst there is no accountability for any resulting harm. We’re not talking major societal disruption, we’re talking about a potential extinction level event of our own creation. Where we should be taking cautious baby steps, instead we’re expecting to fly just by letting go.

We are about to experience a monumental change in technology, starting with “next-generation” cybersecurity that will then move quickly into the unknown. Unsupervised A.I., now running on critical networks throughout the world as a “cybersecurity” product, is evolving its own algorithm without the need for humans to be involved. Meanwhile, the wealthy patrons funding this cutting edge future tech are out in force, working to propel our societies into this new, unexplored and dystopian technological frontier. 

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