Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 26 November 2020

The Earth that co-exists with this one – by science researcher Giuliana Conforto

Abstract – An unprecedented Revelation is going to occur. Up in the sky, on the Earth’s surface and below, down to its Core, various phenomena indicate it. A distinct, not distant Earth co-existwith the observed one (Fig 1); it is composed of plasma and regularly observed by space probes in EUV. Its shape is like a giant Baby. Gifted with fluid rotations, collective coherence, and evident freedom from gravity, the giant Baby would challenge our conception of reality if we were aware of Her/His presence. Yet we are not. Academies maintain the borders among the disciplines, and the media neglects the findings, requiring interdisciplinary interpretations. The main one regards the Force physicists discovered in 1983 and named Electroweak (EW). One and triune, eternal and ever-present, this Force has allowed physicists to develop a successful Standard Model that matches ancient myths, science fiction, and quantum physics. The “light side” of EW Force can actually animate all the living organisms, allow us, humans, to give a new flavor to our lives and the planet, even jump to hyperspace if we realize its practical existence. A pandemic has exasperated the fear of a new “enemy” (Covid 19) led governments to limit peoples’ sociability, use 4G and 5G technologies, impose vaccines, and social distancing. These actions are all based on a “knowledge” that ignores the non- separability between forms and functions, geometry and music, the quantum physics foundations that apply to the small particles and the large Universe. Many experimental facts indicate the Revelation of the Organic Intelligence that overwhelms the dominant, mechanical conception of reality

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