Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 22 November 2020

Cult-owned-and-created Antifa march against ‘Nazi’ ‘Covid’ sceptics in Berlin amid demonstrations decrying pandemic restrictions – you can always rely on fascist ‘anti-fascist’ Antifa to support the agenda of its Cult masters

Activists have rallied in Berlin to decry coronavirus sceptics’ tactics. The counter-protest comes amid demonstrations over a controversial law that gives the government more powers to fight the virus.

Hundreds of Antifa members marched through the German capital on Friday night, holding banners denouncing “Corona deniers and Nazi pigs” as they chanted slogans. The column of left-wing protesters was closely supervised by police, and no violence was reported during the event.

While the demonstrators expressed their anger with “conspiracy believers,” protests of those furious at the government didn’t stop. Critics are decrying a new Infection Protection Law, which gives authorities the ability to swiftly impose lockdowns and other restrictive measures. Some are even comparing the law to Nazi-era dictates that enabled Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. 

Read more: Cult-owned-and-created Antifa march against ‘Nazi’ ‘Covid’ sceptics in Berlin amid demonstrations decrying pandemic restrictions – you can always rely on fascist ‘anti-fascist’ Antifa to support the agenda of its Cult masters


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