Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 21 November 2020

Conform with the Covid fascists – or die

ARE you hot for Covid-fascism? There are a lot of people out there who were exposed as little Hitlers once the virus hit. The lovers of lockdown, the people who want stricter lockdown, the ones who want the schools closed and the ones who want compulsory vaccine. 

Oh yes, once the news hit that we might – might – have a vaccine next year, all the little Hitlers hit the ground running. I won’t name them; they are on my Twitter feed. They propose denying anyone who refuses the vaccine treatment on the NHS and their kids an education. 

Oh, really, I thought. So you have skipped the safety trial, you have skipped getting approval, you have skipped persuasion and gone straight to death. Yes, vaccine deniers (that’s what they will be called) should die – this is the proposal taken to its natural conclusion. 

So say you had a mother-to-be in labour who needed a blood transfusion or an emergency hysterectomy but was not vaccinated. The Covid-fascists say she should be left on the table to die. Or there had been a big pile-up on the M1 and people were spread out on the motorway begging for help. Perhaps we could have system where the paramedics check for a Covid vaccine ID – those that had it get treatment, and those that don’t should be left to choke on their own blood. And serve them right. 

I’m told dead-eyed Hancock has refused to go down the compulsory vaccine routine for now. But they might just make life difficult enough for you that it becomes de facto compulsory. You will be refused permission to fly, or entry to restaurants and cinemas, or permission to leave your house. The possibilities are endless. Who knows what the government’s Behavioural Insight Team might come up with? 

The latest idea from the BIT is that those who test negative for Covid get to wear wristbands that allows them freedom to move. The Independent writes: ‘People in the UK who test negative for coronavirus should be given a wristband to help them identify themselves as Covid-free, a government advisory body has recommended. Allowing citizens who display the wristband to move around more freely would help the country recover more quickly, according to the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) — the government-backed company known as the “nudge unit”.’ 

The idea came from ex-communist Slovakia, ‘where everyone who tests negative is given a paper certificate allowing them to escape restrictions’. 

I think it is a genius idea but it doesn’t go far enough. Those who are not Covid-free or who refuse the vaccine should have to wear some kind of badge. No, a star, a star is better, something yellow. It’s been done before somewhere. It worked out well. 

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