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The Best Texting Apps You Should Use

We are living in a world of smartphones. In fact, this is the smartphone era. We are living in it. Connectivity and Internet coverage all over the world has improved by leaps and bounds, and this provided more opportunities for people in remote places, and streamlining big businesses. With the Internet, a slew of technological advances in communication. We all use a messaging service nowadays, whether for work or personal use.

Messaging platforms are a new way to communicate. Facebook’s Messenger is necessary to most people today, but text messages and chats from phone to phone are still in fashion. Privacy is a big factor in making sure that these messaging platforms are regulated and protect the millions of its users. In this article, we’re listing down the best messaging, texting, chatting apps that you’re not using and offer some basic tips for a safer online messaging experience:


The golden rule of texting and communication over digital channels is that these private exchanges should remain private. While it’s true that almost all online messaging platforms offer a level of security and privacy for its users, some do it better than the others. One of the best ways how to lock text messages on Android, or iOS is to get an app that offers an additional security level that ensures you the latter.

Telegram is one of the few that truly offers privacy and security for its users. The app which is available for free download on both operating systems has amassed millions of users worldwide because of its ease of use and straightforward approach to privacy. Once you’ve downloaded and logged in on the app, you can set up how you can enter the app through a number-based locking system. 

The Secret Chat feature is a cut above some apps listed here, as it offers a total and separate locking system, and privacy from snooping over the web. There’s end-to-end encryption on the cloud and on the company’s servers, so rest assured that your messages won’t be saved somewhere else and can glean upon by people with malicious intent. 


Apple’s default messaging platform is a favorite among iPhone users because it offers direct and fun features that you can not find on other messaging platforms. Messaging in the app is encrypted end-to-end, and there’s an accompanying SMS feature that can identify through the color of the chats you send. Blue bubbles mean iMessage, while green is SMS. Apple continues to update the app, and you can expect to have support for it in years to come.

In iOS 14, iMessage is improved more than ever. Threads are now easier to see and relying inline on messages is now possible. Animoji, although gimmicky, is packed with new fun features like accurate tracking, etc, plus Memoji is added with new faces as well. And with most people relying on iPhones, iMessage is the way to go.

iMessage is constantly rated as one of the best messaging apps on the planet, so much so it has been a part of a few controversies. Apple famously didn’t want to break the privacy of a suspected terrorist’s iMessages, and there were few criminal cases over the recent years that use iMessage as their primary mode of communication. Apple is stringent in breaking its user’s privacy, so you know you are in good hands when you need something to protect really confidential messages sent online and digitally.


This simple messaging app has had quite the following, even with new and more feature-rich messaging platforms that have cropped up. Kik is popular with the younger crowd, as it offers not emails, not numbers, but a username for texting, sending images, and videos. It’s a fuss-free system for most smartphone users, as you only would send texts with people that know your Kik handle.

There’s no SMS feature, so the system is all based online. While there are no fancy features like Animoji, Kik delivers in its simplicity and community-based features. Group chats with bots will link you with all the right communities, much like Reddit, but with a more interaction-based angle instead. There’s a GIF keyboard, and emojis are available to use too. There’s a new Kik code that you can send to friends to connect with them immediately!

Tips for a safer online messaging experience

With these recommendations, it’s imperative that you know how to protect yourself from possible exploitation and exposure to adult materials on these private messaging platforms. 

If you’re a parent, knowing the apps that your kids use can be the difference between a socially-adept teenager and an angsty, difficult one! If you’re a minor, keeping secrets from your parents shouldn’t be a thing, but you also have the privacy to talk to your friends about anything.

Create a strong password

A strong password is paramount to making sure that your account won’t be easily hacked. The fundamentals of creating a strong password are that it should be alphanumeric, which means you should have both letters and numbers in it. Another obvious thing to add is that you should add at least one capital letter to it. Stay away from putting a word than a series of numbers for your default password or one of the others.

Your network security matters

Most people don’t consider the fact that their network may be compromised more than they think. The average Internet user doesn’t care about the fact that he needs to have his network security in order to prevent attacks on vulnerability. The best course of action to remedy this is to get a router that doubles as network security. This way, you have a strong filtration system that secures your activities online.


Digital communication and online messaging benefits outweigh its potential risks. That much is true. So don’t expect that this improvement will be gone soon! Try these texting apps for yourself and see the change in how you message your friends, family, and colleagues.

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