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A Composite For Cellular Integrity: Best Mobile Network Providers In 2020

If you’re anyone like us who doesn’t own a drawer full of cellphones to be used alternatively every day, this list might be the one you’re looking for. This is a compilation of all the recommended carriers for every type of consumer in 2020. Every company has its affinity for a specific kind of budget, need, and compatibility, and these are our recommendations for you.

Ultra Mobile

It should be evident by now that Ultra Mobile has already made quite a name for itself and has made a formal statement on the internet that it is here to stay for a long time. Ultra Mobile plans are among the most reliable international text and call packages that anyone can acquire as the affordability and the assurance of T-Mobile quality reception attract many consumers.

Ultra Mobile offers two different kinds of plans, single-month and multi-month options. These are very linear and necessary packages, but with the reliability and lower price point, it sure does make for one great international mobile plan. Let’s talk briefly about the different inclusions of each plan.

Single-month plans are ideal for users who want to travel but don’t want to immerse themselves in society for too long. Commitment can be difficult; there’s no denying that, but Ultra Mobile has heard your pleas and knows that this plan will be great for individuals or families on a quick stop at any destination.

Multi-month plans are more for those traveling in a bigger group and plan to stay for longer than a month or two. Families, whole departments of employees, and even large groups of friends can benefit from this plan, and as the saying goes, the more, the merrier.


Due to the large number of concurrent new users on their network, Visible saw the need to secure their ties with Verizon LTE and consistently operated in their backyard since. The newcomers to the market don’t pose a threat to veteran networks. Still, single-purpose subscriptions like Visible data plans or even Ultra Mobile plans give telco giants a run for their money.

Many carriers offer multiple packages and plans, but Visible has cut itself away from the apple tree by opting to offer only a single service plan. However, it should be noted that despite having only one plan, Visible does a great job of turning it into one of the best options out there. 

Visible enables users to experience unlimited data plans for only $40/month with the added security of plowing through the internet on Verizon’s tested and proven LTE network. Making a move to transition over to Visible will yield people a hassle-free experience and straightforward data plan that doesn’t have any hidden payment fees that would otherwise be problematic.

The company hasn’t operated without any hiccups, though, as there used to be a cap on their plan, but with persistent complaints and petitions from their dedicated users to expand, the decision to make it unlimited won over countless new subscribers. 

Visible has an excellent option for family accounts because of their generous discounts to frequent additions to existing plans. The company doesn’t shy away from its dedication to quality as it originally made its break as an iPhone only provider and network carrier. Who doesn’t like to see Apple fanboys growing up, right?

Google Fi

What used to be exclusive to Google’s phones has now branched out and entered the mainstream market. Google Fi now supports every type of handheld device with cellular capabilities, and yes, that includes the Apple ecosystem. The company still does stand by the fact that the best experience lies with Google Pixel or compatible third-party devices.

A compelling price point will divert any user’s attention to the service, and if you’re someone who doesn’t consume vast amounts of data every month, you should maybe start thinking about doing just that to take advantage of their fees.

Your subscription fee is adjusted to how much data you consume that is unique and, at the same time, very intuitive for Google to include as a feature. This means that if people want a plan that personally caters to their behavior, Google Fi is the only carrier that can give them that experience.

International plans are also quite competitive with their certified 200 country coverage worldwide, and with decent speeds, Google Fi certainly lives up to its company heritage and reputation. The only downside to the service is that the community currently doesn’t welcome Google Fi as a reliable service just yet.


AT&T has been around providing mobile plans for consumers for a very long time. Since the company boasts itself with some of the highest LTE speeds and reliable coverage protocols, we can’t deny its cemented reputation in our industry. 5G networks are now available within the US with the possibility of branching out to nearby compatible nations.

The most expensive and unlimited plan that AT&T offers comes in at $85/month for an elite and premium experience that includes HBO Max and a 100gb data cap before speeds are regulated. If you’re getting anything from them, get this plan as their cheaper options don’t give you as much bang for the buck as other competitors.


Verizon is considered the nation’s biggest provider of mobile subscription plans with chart-topping speeds that are second to none; the company lets its consumers speak for all the critics’ benefit. T-Mobile may be Verizon’s cheaper and direct competitor, but if you want only the best experience and data plans, then Verizon is the way to go.

Their customer service is also reliable, with little to no difference in problem resolution each year. Basic and more common issues with reception and coverage are unavoidable factors that each mobile network provider faces. Hence, Verizon reserves the right to societal doubt and prejudice over this matter.


The best experience and mobile provider is different for everyone to ascertain needs and specifications relative to the user. Still, these are some of our honest recommendations to those looking to make the switch or are considering getting an upgrade to their existing subscription plans.

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