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Nurse: ‘Covid’ was a Lie, but now people are ‘throwing blood clots’ all over and dying suddenly – this is an effect of 5G millimetre waves as I highlighted in The Answer

‘The Russians studied the effects of millimeter [‘5G’] waves on animals and humans in 1979. Workers servicing ultra-high-frequency generators complained of fatigue, drowsiness, headaches, and loss of memory. The blood was particularly affected, with a reduction in the amount of hemoglobin and a tendency toward hyper-coagulation.’ – Dr Tom Cowan in The Contagion Myth

‘Sometimes your blood clots too much. This is called hypercoagulation. A blood clot can then travel through your body in your blood. This can be very dangerous. Blood clots can form in vital organs or travel to them, including the heart and brain. This can cause serious health problems, even death.’ –

I received an email from a listener to my radio show who is a nurse.   She claims that originally, the entire “COVID-19” was nowhere near the emergency it was made out to be, but NOW, young people aged 30-50 are coming into hospitals DYING and it’s from “throwing blood clots” all over their bodies: Exactly what happened to ME on October 23 . . . .

New disease?  Bio-attack?  Cull-the-herd by population control freaks?

Here is the email I received from the nurse:

“I have been working on the frontlines in acute medicine in a large northeastern hospital. When this all started I was sure it was some kind of overblown hoax or a bioweapon that didn’t turn out to be as bad as what they were trying to make us believe.

My hospital was empty despite TV news telling us that hospitals are overflowing and we all need to be in masks. I have known all along the whole thing is not what they are telling us; and have always suspected that our regular flu, respiratory failure (ARDS) patients etc are being labelled as COVID thanks to these faulty, manipulated tests. Aspiration pneumonia is common in the elderly and lots of these patients were labelled as “COVID”. That is a fact.

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