Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 16 November 2020

Negative Energy does not bring Positive Results

The escalation and tensions of any situation, whether personal, domestic or international require people to stay centered and avoid adding negative energy to any circumstance.

Friends and family often come together for some quality time. Occasionally certain subjects discussed have the ability to cause emotions to rise; which can result in heated arguments with the possibility of unkind words and energies being exchanged. Naturally, this depends entirely on the point of view of each person and whether they are objective listeners and learners or not. Rarely in these situations, do words and actions – which are negative and hurtful in nature – solve anything; in fact it usually escalates the situation and results in grudges being held and negative energy filling the space.

The same can be said for situations on a domestic scale. The region in which one lives can be hotly debated and contested over an issue of great importance. Rarely if ever does any negative intent bring positive results, often leading circumstances to deteriorate; and since local issues involve more than a few people the pot of negativity can be stirred in the direction it is played when the reactions are not positive in nature.

Turning to the international stage the circumstances become magnified because it can involve a number of countries representing millions if not billions of people. In the case of projected war and the media rampage towards it one must begin to detach from the drama and stay centered. If one gets caught up in the spectacle then they are feeding negative energy into it, which is exactly what the corporations and people falling from power wish to happen. Adding fuel to a hateful fire literally puts energy where it’s not wanted; lightworkers, angels, guides, god and all that is good in this world wish positive energy to be sent to areas of turmoil. Constantly paying attention, to the drama and beating the drums of war puts people in a worried state of mind; adding negative energy to the ordeal giving it the possibility for it to spin out of control.

Take a step back and rethink the approach.

In any dispute, being in the physical but spiritual in nature is important to remember. Try hard not to take things too personally, because in the end
we are spirits trying to enjoy a physical experience. This is not to suggest ignoring important issues is the way to go, but rather, to stay impartial, and send love and light to each and every situation in which it is needed. There are many things unseen in the world, and energy is one of them.  Love is the fabric of the universe, therefore sending the energy of love to places which need it is akin to sending angels of light.

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