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Lyfeloop – A Free Speech Facebook Alternative

Best Social Media Platforms announced Lyfeloop as the Best Facebook Alternative in 2020

Lyfeloop is committed to putting the power and control back into the hands of users without algorithms limiting the reach of content.”— Brittany Williams-Best Social Media Platforms

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2020 / — Best Social Media Platforms announced Lyfeloop as the Best Facebook Alternative in 2020 stating “People are starting to wise up to what Facebook is doing with your data. People are leaving Facebook by the Millions, In fact according to the Business Insider, People who left Facebook reveal the reasons they haven’t returned even as a pandemic moves most social connection online, from better competitors to distrust of Facebook. Over the past few years Facebook has been collecting vast amounts of data of all its users, which quite frankly is scary.

Everything from photos and messages to mobile phone numbers of everyone in your phone. They also have all your text messages you’ve made on your cell phone! It’s crazy how much they have. And with the recent Facebook CA scandal, people are now looking for alternatives to Facebook where privacy is respected and private information is never shared or sold to other companies or organizations. Believe it or not, there are plenty of social networks and messaging apps that you can use instead of Facebook. For years these networks and apps have been living in the shadows of the mighty beast that is Facebook. But now is the time to explore a better way of interacting with friends and family without the fear of your data being stolen and stored on huge servers in far flung places.”

LyfeLoop gives users everything they loved about other platforms minus all the censorship, fake fact checking, bias, and security issues. Over the past few years the largest social media platforms have lost the trust of millions of their users for numerous reasons including: selling user data to 3rd parties, banning accredited users while allowing spammers to run free, discrimination (political, medical, religious), and having a total disrespect for their user’s safety. proper user privacy guidelines allowing to access millions of long term users’ personal data. As well as censor real content and allow fake content to be uncensored. They have also disrespected U.S. Federal Government and European Union guidelines that are in place to protect us. This massive breech of trust has created a feeling of unrest amid the social media platform’s audiences. So much so that there are now #delete campaigns where people are completely removing themselves from and looking at other networks instead that are fun, safe, and trustworthy places to interact with family and friends. At a time where censorship is at an all time high many users are now switching over their personal and business social media pages to Lyfeloop.

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