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Story changes on why Canadian COVID camp is lined with barbed wire

retrofitted facility south of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba has drawn the ire of local residents, so I travelled there to check it out for myself.

The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) has changed an existing work camp into a facility capable of handling up to 100 Canadians, should government need arise. Ominous chain-link fence with barbed wire lining the top has been erected around the perimeter of the camp.

Originally, officials at the MMF insisted that they “didn’t mean anything negative by it. It was just a safety measure to ensure the people that attend the camp are protected.”

After Rebel News shared on-location coverage of the camp that has caused concern in the area, MMF president David Chartrand backtracked, saying that “it is going to become a youth camp after,” David Chartrand said. “So we did put the barbed wire for the future because it is an isolated area.” Chartrand added that the new barbed wire was primarily to protect the large amount of televisions they have on location.

Currently the camp sits empty, but should Justin Trudeau move forward on his plan build similar camps nationwide, the MMF could land the contract.

According to MMF official Jack Park “the camps are ready and able to take any affected person by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have them fully equipped, sanitized, and ready to go if anybody ever needs to. Our services are available.”

Dennis Ward of ATPN National Media asked the MMF president “could they potentially be used should the federal government call on you?”

Chartrand responded saying that “in the event that they do need them, it will be available for them.”

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